I love looking at how different cultures approach fashion and style. #Gucci & #Cartier couldn’t be any more different. The Parisian artisans at Cartier use an elegant touch for everything. With subtle branding and muted colors complimented by precious metals. And Gucci with their penchant for Italian flair! Huge masculine frames that command your attention. Adorned with Gold and proudly showing the GG logo. So different but both undeniably dope! #FrameGawd #InSearchOf

Flower Power by deaniefrank featuring contemporary wall art ❤ liked on Polyvore

Flat top / River Island brown jacket, $100 / Wallis flare jeans / Salvatore Ferragamo mules clog, $565 / Caroline De Marchi genuine leather handbag / Pendants necklace / Bling Jewelry red flower brooch / Vintage earrings / Gucci sunglasses, $460 / Contemporary wall art