While the Hotel Columbia has been abandoned for over a decade, one would hardly know this to look at it - many rooms look more or less like this, somewhat disheveled, but hardly in the state of advanced decay that most of the buildings I study are.  Still, as can be inferred from the red carpeting and the bathroom design pictured here, it has been much longer than a decade since anything was done to update the decor… Sadly, while the Columbia is certainly in salvageable condition, the Korean investment conglomerate that owns it wants it as a tax shelter and nothing more - there are currently no plans to save the building, and soon enough, water damage will make rehabilitation prohibitively expensive.

An arch in between rooms in the western wing of Utica State Hospital, in between abatement and demolition.  For whatever reason, while the original asylum building was deemed worth saving, the two large wings that split off the back were not.  They were demolished with no real public outcry in 2007.