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Apparently there's a new Pokemon game announcement planned for some time in the next couple days

Don’t get too excited though. ORAS just came out a month ago, and gen 6 is barely a year old. It’s going to by a Mystery dungeon game announcement.

… although… Last time we heard about an upcoming Pokemon game announcement, and I assumed it was going to be a Mystery dungeon game, it turned out to be the gen 6 announcement.

Gen 7 confirmed?

Nah, it’s mystery dungeon



Truly a great year.


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX E3 2013 Trailer



Life is Strange is the compelling story of Max, a Senior photography student who suddenly discovers she is able to rewind time. She uses her power to save the life of Chloe, her childhood friend, whom she has not seen in five years. For Chloe it’s been a turbulent time and she’s been drifting off course since her father’s tragic death. 

The reunion will turn their lives upside down, as increasingly strange events plague the small town of Arcadia Bay both teenagers find themselves involved in a grim investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a high school student.


Upcoming english otome games with supernatural themes.

1. Lovely Little Thieves - PangoDango - Preorder Available

Dawn didn’t know what to expect when she agreed to pile into a van with a mixture of friends and acquaintances and take a road trip down to Daytona Beach for spring break. She spent her entire freshman year studying her butt off at university, and she’s never really been out partying. At least…not that she can remember. Strange, horrible dreams of feeling her heart and mind slowly freeze solid in an endless black void haunt her long after she’s woken up, and make it hard for her to keep in touch with reality at all, much less get excited about a week of block partying at the ass-end of the country. Not one day into the long drive, however, the group’s van breaks down in the middle of a thick forest in northern Virginia. With no help in sight and the sun rapidly setting, the gang seeks shelter in a dilapidated hilltop mansion, marked only with the number “72.” Currently on Kickstarter

2. Black Rosette - Shilkefair - (will be) Free

The story takes place when the heroine starts to have strange dreams about a strange man calling her. When meeting a friend, she drowned. When she opened her eyes, before her was a completely different world. A world where there is no more light to be seen, engulfed in darkness. there she met 2 out of 4 generals of the land. Then she was brought to a land called Wonderland. It was rumoured that the queen had gone mad and tried to destroy the land. But, despite that, the 4 generals truly wanted to save the queen in their own way. Follow the heroine as she uncovers the truth of why she was brought there. You’ll discover the strong bonds that the generals have with the queen. But..what can she do to stop the queen from destroying her own land? Will she make her come to her senses with the help of the 4 generals? Will she uncover the truth and find the course of all of this madness?

3. Heart of Thorns - LucaMadison

This future otome game will be a girl whose name is Catherine, fleeingof an unexpected encounter and traumatizing tragedy, stops at a unusually big mansion in the middle of an unknown forest to the human eye. In that strange place, four vampires quickly fall in love with her. Kei, Tomoya, Hinata and Ryuto, each with a completely different personality. In each route will occur a problem and a exciting denouement with an unexpected end, happy or sad. There will also be a fifth vampire, Shiro. But he strangely appear in each route, giving a touch of mystery. The route to that boy will be unblock after completing the rest of the routes of the other boys. That route, will explain million of doubts and questions that appear in the head of Catherine during their stay at the mansion.

4. Alice and Cursed Wonderland - Wildflower Games

When Alice is suddenly orphaned after a terrible accident that took away both of her parents’ lives, she is taken in by her estranged older sister, who she finds difficult to get along with. One day, Alice experiences a terrible vision of a plagued world much unlike her own. Though she dubs it a dream, a lingering doubt stays in her mind. It doesn’t take long for her suspicions to become a reality, however, when a strangely dressed boy suddenly shows up in her room to kidnap her to the world in her “dream”! Now stuck in Wonderland, Alice is given 3 months until her 18th birthday to break a dark curse laid upon the realm so she can return to her world…or failure will lead to her end.

5. Blue Moon - Vanorain

The life of an artist is never a certain one, but that’s a thought Alexis Parker is doing her best to put off until graduation. Between being in an intensive program during the day and spending her nights working at a cafe near her University she doesn’t have much time to devote to stray thoughts such as major life decisions. The one place where she feels like she has a handle on things is when she’s painting at Garden’s Gate Park. That is, until it was written off as an expense the city could no longer afford and condemned. After that Alexis starts noticing strange things happening while walking through that park at night and finds herself in the company of people who aren’t quite human.

6. Seduce Me - Seraphim Entertainment

You are a senior in high school along with your two best friends, Naomi Patterson and Suzu Cappini. You are also the granddaughter of Harold Anderson, the CEO and founder of Anderson Toys, a toy company sworn to give children amazing products and give a large part of their profit to charity. One day, you get called home to attend your grandfather’s funeral. After the funeral, you learn that you have inherited his large estate. Your father suggests you move in immediately, so the next day, you move out of your parents home and into your estate. When you enter your new home, however, you see five injured, yet very handsome men on the lobby floor. They eventually awaken and make it known that they were attacked by a group of dangerous ‘misfits’ and ran to find shelter, passing out as soon as they entered your home. You find out that they are incubi, ‘demons who consume and use sexual energy of humans to survive’. With nowhere to go and a target on their backs, they ponder what what to do. Out of sympathy, you offer your home as refuge for a while in exchange for minor servitude (it is a big house, after all). They happily agree. What will happen as the incubi get comfy? Why exactly did they come the human world? Who are the ‘misfits’, and will they stop pursuing them so the incubi can leave? …Will you WANT them to leave? 

7. Zombie Princess - TheFontBandit

In the Kingdom of Aurelin, you take on the role of the queen-to-be. As an immortal undead Monarch, you cannot take the throne until you find someone to share the rule. The Queen has insisted that you make a concerted effort at courtship. Luckily, the next two weeks are the yearly courting festival of Springeve, which provides a convenient opportunity for mingling and flirting. Can you find your King or Queen, while navigating the daily challenges of helping to rule a kingdom? You must navigate courtly gossip, trade arrangements, and help defuse a civil war in the bordering country ruled by vampire necromancers… and flirt with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

8. Silent Tears

Silent Tears, a single player otome game, follows the story of a newly crowned princess whose first task is to bring peace to the surrounding kingdoms. As the crown princess, players will have the opportunity to make decisions, start negotiations, and even deal with courting from other royals, while trying to prevent a war from breaking out.


Official Street Fighter V gameplay trailer.

Watch out for that stage transition; breakable barriers reveal addition floor-space. Pretty slick, and hopefully not too disruptive.


Okami Is Getting PS3 HD Rerelease

Did you miss Okami for the PS2? Did you miss Okami for the Wii? Well, if you did, this fall will be the time to check it out, since it’s being released on the PS3 with trophy and PS Move support. Oh, and it will be graphically overhauled in full HD.

The topper? It will be available brand new for $19.99.

Check it.


Amazon’s Japanese Store has just released the box art and some new screens of the upcoming Digimon game - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth for the PS Vita. The Cyber-Monster JRPG is being developed by Media.Vision (Wild Arms, Valkyria Chronicles III, Shining Resonance) and is slated for release on March 12th, 2015 in Japan. No announcement has been made for a international release.

If you want to see a US/EU release, help get the word out to Bandai Namco by signing this petition, which is already popular within the fanbase.

If you have a twitter account, let Sony know by tweeting @GioCorsi with the hashtag #buildingthelist. More information can be found here.

Lastly, here’s the Jump Festa 2015 Trailer.

Happy gaming & Happy Holidays! :D

Concept art of the new Tekken 7 character, Catalina.

She’ll be playable in the location tests in October, and represents Savate, a Kickboxing style originating in France.

I’m very glad our glorious Harada-sempai has bestowed this new information upon us.