I’m nearing my next follower goal, so being the uncreative and lazy person I am, I decided to do a Tumblr Awards!


  • Must be following me.  This is an awards for my followers.
  • You do not need to be an animation blog, all blogs are welcome to participate!
  • You must reblog this post (likes do not count, but if you’d like you can like this as a place holder)


  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Posts
  • Best Edits
  • Best Overall
  • My Favorite

Winners Will Get;

  • A follow from me (if I’m not already)
  • A permanent spot on my blog
  • Promos throughout the month whenever you’d like
  • ??? A pat on the back ???
  • Bragging rights to family and friends
  • My love whether you’d like it or not

Winners will be chosen by me on October 15th, so start reblogging!

anonymous said:

fuck, you're awful at art. it's not even that you're not talented it's just you've got no creativity nor sense of self expression, all your art is incredibly generic and stereotypical. you obviously enjoy making art but make something that is not a direct carbon copy of half the untalented, cliche shite on tumblr

ur opinion matters so much to me, please tell me more i am intrigued