This is my awesome Pokemon White 2 team– the team that helped me achieve Unova League Champion status. Helped me kick the Elite 4 and Champion’s asses all the way to Kanto. 

Yes. This is them. :D

P.S. I didn’t take them to Lv 70 like I initially planned, but before I proceed with the post-game events, I will. XD

P.S.P.S. And I’m very happy that I finished the game on my 23rd birthday. HAHAHA

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The girl allowed her eyes to gaze at the Umbreon, noticing that it was her own, Eclipse. She bent down a little whilst smiling, extending out her hand to pet it. She was always happy to see her friends around, and Pokemon were no exception!

“Is there something you wanted, Eclipse?~”

She had been told by many that Pokemon couldn’t understand her, but she believed that they just didn’t listen hard enough to the Pokemon talking to them. After saving Unova, taking on the Pokemon league and then moving on to her own journey, she knew all too well that they had their own ways of telling her things- every single member of her team.

As far as posting headcanons go I’ll reblog/queue up a lot more once I get a few base headcanons done - it sorta dawned on me that a lot of my ancient unova/isshu stuff especially doesn’t make sense without the context of my history there, and that’s only really found in a couple of my blog bios, so I’ll start typing a few of those up soon.