Please let me know if you guys are interested in cheap scarves or “hijab starter kits”

I have a lot a pashminas and hijab-ista scarves that I don’t wear often and even some that I have never worn before.

I am leaving for Korea in the next few months and can’t possibly take all the scarves that I have. I would be willing to discount them and make “hijab starter kits” (undercaps, pins, scarves, one pieces) available too.

Please share, like, comment so that I can see if it would be worthwhile to do.

istiqama replied to your post:Sisters, how often do you wash your hijab…

i dont wear undercaps either. what kind of undercaps do u wear they give me a headache

Ah they are very nice to avoid shifting of the hijab, and also to avoid washing the hijab too often.  I use cotton ones, without elastic, caps that cover the entire hair.

Stretchy caps or any fabric other than cotton give me headaches, but cotton ones are so comfortable.