‘This weekend is meant to be really hot,’ Stella announces as she tosses half the contents of her wardrobe over her shoulder. As usual, she won’t find what she is looking for in there but will find it crumpled up underneath her bed.

‘Try under your bed,’ I point out the obvious to put her out if her misery. 'Is there something going on this weekend? Minor Wolves have a show out of town…’

'I like your brother’s band and I’d probably even go just to watch Aiden drumming without his shirt on, but I’ve seen them seven times since November and it’s only April.’

Finally, from under the depths of her bed, Stella snatches up the small garment triumphantly.

'Don’t say that in Natalia’s earshot,’ I tease.

'What’s she going to say? Thanks? What can she say? It’s not like I’m telling her I want to fuck her boyfriend, just that he looks good when he’s half naked. I’d take it as a compliment if it were the other way around.’

'You are diabolical,’ I laugh. 'I can show you photos of him as a teenager. That’d put you off.’

'Oh come on, you’ve known him forever. Haven’t you ever, you know?’

Stella wiggles her eyebrows up and down, a sly grin spreading across her face.

'With Aiden?!’ I retort. 'No!’

'It must have crossed your mind,’ she encourages. 'Not even curious? Christ, I would have been.’

'I had an embarrassing crush on him for a while. We were fifteen and it didn’t last very long,’ I say, feeling my face heat up at the memory.

'You must have seen his…’ Stella hold up her little finger. 'Even as an accident?’

I shriek with laughter and launch a pillow at her head. It connects and she topples backwards.

'Gross,’ I laugh. 'Conversation is over!’