The 1936 Olympic Games were the first time baseball had been included since 1912. The games were held in Nazi Germany that year, with Hitler hoping to prove that Germans were not only the superior athletes, but the superior race. Jesse Owens (an African American track and field athlete), amongst others, proved that Hitler was wrong in his thinking.

Following the games, the US held a baseball exhibition in Germany with the hope of spreading the game to Europe. The US sent two teams, each wearing the red, white and blue jerseys to face off in this exhibition. Among the players, was Herman Goldberg. Goldberg, a native of Brooklyn, NY, was the only Jewish player on either team. His play made a statement for the US and for Judaism as another blow to Hitler’s notions that the Germans were the superior race. Goldberg would come back following the tour of Europe and play for several minor league clubs before hanging up his cleats.

2013 World Baseball Classic - Odds to Win

USA                                                     5/2 

Dominican Republic                      13/4 

Japan                                                7/2 

Venezuela                                          7/1 

Korea                                                10/1 

Cuba                                                16/1 

Canada                                           20/1 

Mexico                                              20/1 

Puerto Rico                                       20/1 

Chinese Tapei                                   25/1 

China                                                33/1 

Netherlands                                      33/1 

Australia                                            66/1 

Brazil                                                 100/1 

Italy                                                   100/1 

Spain                                                 200/1

NOTE:  Not OLB’s odds - but those of the betting houses.  Do not confuse odds for what team is better or not.  Odds only determine which team has been bet on more than others.  

Bailey Ober Concludes USA Baseball Experience - Beach Carolina Magazine
CARY, NC July 9, 2014 – College of Charleston freshman pitcher Bailey Ober completed his three-week stint with the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team on July 5 after a series with Chinese Taipei.
Bailey Ober
A native of Charlotte, N.C., Ober remained on the team past the training camp cuts …
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Congrats to the USA Baseball 18U National Team on their IBAF Baseball World Cup win over #Japan!

The USA Baseball 12u NTIS Mid-Atlantic finals had to be moved indoors due to weather. This video is Cooper catching a live simulation for DJ Ratdke of the East Cobb Astros. (same kid I posted a video of Coop catching at the SC tryout). I can’t recall the name of the kid hitting but he is one of the big sticks from the Alabama Elite.

Each pitcher threw about 2 simulated innings. There was a live ump. Hits and outs were determined via judgement calls from the coaches.

At the plate Cooper “reached safely” in 4 out of 6 plate appearances while being the only switch hitting player (2 righty and 4 lefty). He was 1-3 with a single up the middle, a fly out to right and a K looking. He also drew 3 walks while laying off some tough pitches. All of these pitchers were high velocity guys with all but a few sitting at 63+ and several running it up around 70.

There were 5 catchers out of the 30 that made the finals. One of them is probably the best player I have ever seen at this age. He mashed at the plate with a confident power swing and he didn’t miss many. He also pitched with a fastball around 70 and filthy off speed stuff that made him pretty much un-hittable. They didn’t pop today and although I’m confident Coop would be quicker this kids’ arm would make up for it. Cooper received a little better and was more agile and polished behind the plate but this kids’ other tools made him the clear #1 all around catcher and he will surely get a roster spot.

That leaves 4 catchers battling for one spot so we shall see.

I will say that this is by far the pinnacle of talent I’ve seen so far. These were the most elite players from many of the most elite teams in 5 states. Some of these kids were physically developed way beyond their years with several coming it at 5’10 or so and thick. Some of these guys were built like brick houses. Cooper and some others looked like kids while others looked like teenagers. So goes the genetic lottery I guess.

They will announce the roster by Wed night. I didn’t have any expectations when we went to the first tryout and I still don’t. I feel like Cooper played the hand he was dealt as best he could. He didn’t appear the least bit nervous and he never blinked at the plate or behind the dish. The coaches had great things to say about him and whether he makes the team or not I am very proud of the boy child.

Good job Coop!