Hildisvini in Powidz.

Four A-10 fighter jets of the 354th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron arrived at Powidz Air Base, Poland, as a part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Operation Atlantic Resolve is “The United States demonstrating its continued commitment to collective security through a series of actions designed to reassure NATO allies and partners of America’s dedication to enduring peace and stability in the region, in light of the Russian intervention in Ukraine.[x]” 

(Courtesy photos, 26 MAR 2015.)

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Military Relationships

Here’s the thing: being in a relationship with someone in the military or air force or army or whatever; it sucks. It’s painful and lonely and you desperately hold on to Skype calls and that one picture of you riding in a Ferris Wheel a year ago. It’s not romantic kisses coming off of a plane and thinking, “Wow, they’re such a hero.” It’s crying and screaming when they’re deployed, and worrying while wondering if they’ll ever come home. It’s praying that they’re safe even if you don’t believe in God. It’s wearing an old USMC t-shirt and counting down the next three years until they can come home while trying to make a life while they’re gone. It’s filling out college applications in North Carolina to be closer to base. It’s watching the news looking for a familiar face. It’s being scared of policemen because they might be coming to tell you that the love of your life is gone.

This being said; I love you, darling. And I’m okay with putting up with this because when you’re home again.. it’s worth it.

WARNING! Long post! This is my motivational quote, I don’t remember where I heard it at first but whenever, and wherever I was it hit me hard and has stuck with me ever since. After my second deployment I returned home and had it tattooed on my right forearm. This is what it means exactly to me: “I am always outnumbered” there are always going to be those individuals out there who are against you. Who think they are better than you, who will look down on you and treat you like absolute garbage. They think they are superior in every way, stronger, faster, smarter. Those individuals are the ones who are the insecure ones, who need guidance. Who have been brought up in a household where maybe their mother or father neglected them or their “friends” had set them down that path. This means nothing to me, I am the stronger one, more determined, and in the end will be successful with my life. You can’t let these types of people bring you down. Yeah its understandable that at the moment of the insult or action you will temporarily feel as though there is no hope. But let me honestly tell you there is and will always be hope. People in this world will always outnumber you, they will try to bring you down. Try and take you down their destructive path they have chose so they can feel better more secure about themselves. Why settle for that though? Everyone is worth saving, giving guidance, everyone needs help at one point or another. For example: I try and give that to my soldiers, I can’t tell you how many young men I have trained to go to war that have just thrown true raw potential down the drain. Yes sometimes you can only try and help so many times before you have to say enough is enough and move. That’s alright, at least you tried to help and gave it your all! “Never Outmanned” You have to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself then how can you possibly believe in a desirable life? How can one enjoy the small things, be successful, or have a positive influence? By no means am I saying I am a better person, man, father, soldier then the next guy. All I am saying is that I will not succumb to someones destruction. by matthewhugs
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