[12:33:04 PM] rae rae bae: I L OGG E D ON JUS T TO SE ND THAT TO YOU
[12:33:07 PM] rae rae bae: I HO PE YOU K NOW TH AT
[12:33:12 PM] rae rae bae: I LOGG E D ON TO CAUS E YOU PAIN
[12:33:48 PM] falon'din: I HATE YOU
[12:33:55 PM] rae rae bae: YOU LOVE ME
[12:34:10 PM] rae rae bae: 8)
[12:35:05 PM] falon'din: not anymore B)
[12:35:18 PM] rae rae bae: wow that’s fuck i ng ru de
[12:35:35 PM] rae rae bae: how da re you
[12:35:39 PM] rae rae bae: im gr8
[12:35:43 PM] falon'din: 8)
[12:35:50 PM] rae rae bae: B(

behold. our friendship.

Ahh you make me so angry like I’m not jealous you just don’t deserve all the shit you have like I did everything for you but I got nothing in return and you never appreciated me but I mean that’s your fucking fault I hope you’re happy with what ur life is cause that’s all because of me

anonymous asked:

no h8 but y u change ur name

Going by Lex reminded me too much of high school and I’m trying to repress a majority of those memories and other bad memories and this name has a lot of personal meaning for me