Reason #1:





His design. Not only does it stray from the usual designs that they’ve stuck with by adding a trenchcoat, but also with his general appearance. He looks more human than they have in the past, bringing us fans closer to the robots themselves. 

Reason #2



His optics. Hnnnng those things can stare into your soul and down your shirt.  I’ve always liked how they kept each design individual, and I just… I love his in particular. And if anyone doesn’t think his lazy-eye is adorable can get out of my face.

Reason #3

His personality, particularly his lack of true loyalty. I always thought it was weird how none of the Autobots ever legitimately questioned Optimus, and he FINALLY broke that streak of blind obedience. Now, he still follows orders which means he still maintains respect for the Prime, despite his lacking trust. 

As well as that, I like the fact that he tries to chicken out multiple times and he doesn’t seem to pleased to have to save Optimus. I don’t really think it’s because he wants to take over, but rather his fear of death and/or laziness. This character is literally the closest thing we’ve had to an anti-hero so far and I love it.

Reason #4

He’s Australian. That’s it. That’s all I got. His voice is sexy and I could listen to it all day. That’s all.

Reason #5

His weapons aren’t actually PART of him. They’re separate parts, though they still transform with him. They’re add-ons. I love that. Ironhide’s cannons are awesome and all, but he pulls out his guns from a holster. He FLIPS HIS TRENCH BACK TO GET HIS GUNS. He’s literally the biggest over dramatic dork that wants to look cool and succeeds ever.


title: cause all that you are is all that i’ll ever need

sequel to we’ll play hide and seek to turn this around (give me love like never before)

pairing: h/l & z/l

chapter word count: 27.5 (3 of 5)

Overall word count: 79.6k

summary: Strawberry milk layers their upper lips, and they giggle and lick it off of each other. They taste it in each others mouths when they kiss; it’s on their tongues, and filling their tummies. There are seven cartons in the fridge, with one out that they keep pouring into shot glasses. They give each other a ‘cheers!’ and tip it down their throats. Instead of burning their mouths, it wipes away the sting that is already inside of him.

(Harry still has days when he needs to feel good on the inside. Louis can see it in his eyes, and on these days, Louis needs it too. Maybe just as much.)

or the strawberry milk sequel; where harry still needs help, louis’ trying to give it to him, liam rents a van, zayns a bit protective of his best mate, and nialls there to tie it all together.

warnings for this chapter: pls just read the first note.



"Heroes are ordinary people, who make themselves extraordinary" - gerard way

"You’ll never be fucking normal because nobody is fucking normal" -  frank iero

"Sometimes when you doubt yourself, you end up creating something better" - ray toro

"Everyone wants something real, something that was created to invoke a positive feeling" - mikey way 

  • I care about you
  • I will always care about you
  • I will never leave you behind if you need my help
  • I will always do my best to be there for you
  • I want to help you
  • It makes me feel good to know you’re in a good place
  • If you’re in a bad place, it’ll be okay. I’m here to talk if that’s what you need
  • Wanna be friends? BAM. We’re friends.
  • However, do NOT treat people like me as a disposable object.
  • Thank you
  • Have a good day.

I don’t know if I don’t feel like touching you right now due to lack of motivation or because it’s too fucking hot.

What's with all this crap about Mark and JonTron lately?

First I hear people are losing respect for Mark because he did a video with Curtis and now i’m hearing Tumblr is hating on JonTron because he called the PS4 retarded or something?

Guys this does not change the fact that they are awesome dudes. Quit nitpicking on the little things and enjoy the overall picture