I'm just so ready for school to start

This will be my sophomore year…of college. My freshman year flew by which is both good and bad. Since I will be going to school for a while to become a doctor, I just want the years to go by, but then I enjoyed freshman year and now it is gone. I know exactly how I am going to go about this year in every aspect: academically, socially, mentally, physically, etc. I can only continue to grow from this point on, which is just…idk. I’m starting to ramble, but that’s how excited and anxious I am. 

So someone spray painted Greek words onto Robertson stadium. These words roughly translate into glory, justice, and “be the best you can be”. This was also accompanied by triple 6’s in the parking lot and what looks to be the anarchist symbol on the field. This is pretty crazy stuff. Greek and Latin have language ties to Satanism which might explain the triple 6’s. So sad someone did this. ):


August 27 will be the first day of College and off to begin a new journey.  
It feels like I’m about to enter High School or even Middle School all over again not knowing what to expect trying to make new friends all over again but now you can’t be babied and this education actually costs some money.
Well I hope I have a great experience and go COOGS!