If it were possible, you screamed even louder as the door to your room burst open. Sam looked around quickly for any sign of an intruder, of danger, of anything but your tv on and bright before you. He watched it a moment before turning to you, face flat.

“Were you watching The Walking Dead without me?” he asked, lowering his gun. You looked at him, breathing hard, heart pounding.

“I thought you were still on your hunt! You scared the crap out of me!”

“Sorry,” he said, laughing a bit and stowing his gun on your desk. “We just got back an hour ago, I didn’t want to wake you up. I didn’t realize you were in here being scared by literally one of the only monsters that doesn’t exist.”

“You’re not allowed to judge me for this,” you said, pointing a finger at him. He held his hands up, smiling.

“No judgement here,” he said, walking and lowering himself onto the bed beside you. He wrapped an arm around you, comfortable and easy. “In fact, I’ll protect you from the imaginary zombies.”

“I’m going to let that tone you just used slide,” you said. “And we can start the episode over so you know what’s happening and so you can be scared with me.”

Sam leaned in, giving you a quick kiss, his smile still over his lips, before pressing play and pulling you in closer.


See the other time Sam thought you were in danger but weren’t here.

IM5 Preference #6: PDA


And I really like writing them like this haha. Feedback pwease? :3


Cole would definitely be the arm around your shoulders type, because he’s probably protective and kind of possessive, but in more of a positive manner. He would just kind of sling it over you and you two would just walk wherever, talking and smiling and laughing. And he would rest his hand on your shoulder very gently and his fingers just grazing there.


Dana would be the type to put his arm around your waist when you two are out. Like his hand would just rest on the side of your waist occasionally giving a reassuring squeeze. And he would place it so you two would be walking close together and he would lean really close when he talks to you and whisper in your ear making you blush from his close proximity.


Dalton would probably be the type to hold your hand and kiss you on the cheek a lot. You two would sit really close to each other if you went somewhere and he would put his arm around you and just smile at you because he appreciates beauty and he would probably be the type to fix your hair when you put your jacket on (you know, how it gets caught? Yeah, like that) and brush your hair out of your face et cetera.


Gabe would hold onto your hand wherever you went and stand behind you with his arms around you and rest his chin on your shoulder on the top of your head. and he would DEHEFFINITELY kiss you on the cheek or nose when you’re trying to do stuff and then he would just laugh when you whine at him for distracting you and those eyes would SpaRkLe OH MY.


Will, OOHOOHOO, would definitely hold your hand really tight and lace your fingers together and kiss you on the forehead when you’re not expecting it. And he would just blush and giggle when you give him the eye and then he would slip his arm around your waist and squeeze just to let you know that you can’t chase him away and oH mY i nEeD mY iNhALeR.


She slides the black velvet box across the table, Sylvia hadn’t told her just when her birthday was but she had figured it out. “お誕生日おめでとうエバーグリーン。”, she mummered, too embarassed to speak English.

Sylvia knew what velvet meant as soon as she saw the box. She still couldn’t believe she was here. With the most beautiful woman in Team Rocket. On her birthday, and free from her parents. It was unreal, and she felt herself welling up before she even reached out to open it.

When she did, however, Sylvia simply gawked at it. It wasn’t the expense, the diamonds, emeralds, or even the fact that it was jewelry at all that impressed her. The design… green tulips. This… was symbolic, as had been the rose Sylvia had offered Domino on their first date. 

The girl couldn’t help it. She flushed so hard, a red tint legitimately struggled its way into visibility through her deep toned skin. “私が言っているかわからない。美しい。私はこれに値しない, Mlle Domino.”

Random Headcanon: An (actual) milk-run mission

About four months after the Battle of Yavin, High Command (and by High Command I largely mean Mon Mothma and Carlist Rieekan) decide to send Leia on a milk-run diplomacy/cargo run to a backwater mid-rim planet almost two weeks away, even on the Falcon. Han and Chewie are “hired” as her pilots, and Luke is sent with her has her guard.

(Even now, already, those who know Leia best have started to see the peculiar–and healing–relationship she has formed, and is forming, with those two men and that one Wookiee. They’re not sure they understand it, they’re not sure how…but those that know and care for her are more than willing to use that relationship, if it will mean they don’t find her one morning with a blaster bolt through her head.)

So off they go. And, wonder of wonders, it actually is a milk-run operation. Nothing goes catastrophically wrong. No one dies. No one even gets hurt. In fact, the only thing worth any note is that Leia gets sick on the trip to the planet–and even her sickness was little more than a really, really bad cold that bit with a nasty vengeance.

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oh my god i just cAN’T

Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM) singing “Pretty Woman” karaoke (by stefansl)

princeofdragonstonerhaegar asked:

(Hospital thingy) Rhaegar was silent, sitting beside Cersei's bed. He had just sent Jaime out for coffee,making him take Dany with him. "I'm sorry.." He muttered, holding Cersei's hand tight, his head bowed. "I'm so sorry..."

Beep… Beep… 

That was all she could hear in her sleep, along with her own screams and Robert’s voice. Some asshole had beaten her up as she had been out alone – but of course, in her memories, it was not him that she saw hitting her. Cersei could almost remember all of it, now. She had not wanted to, but that stranger had brought it back, and that hurt worse than the actual beating. 

When she had woken up, almost screaming, she had found herself in an hospital bed, and again, it brought back things.

She had managed to calm down once Jaime had come with Dany and Rhaegar.  

Rhaegar – he had been strangely silent, but now he was squeezing her hand and going on about how sorry he was. She shook her head slowly.

“Don’t. Nothing of this is your fault,” she said softly. She did not want him to feel awful about that, as she needed him now. She needed him to be strong.