I have been lying to you. Since the day that we met. Ok, no surprise there. Alright, let me start over. Ummm……I didn’t travel to the Cape when I was a kid. Well, we didn’t travel anywhere. No one ever left Corwich. Not until the war came. And my regiment went off to fight the British. […] I know historical events really really well. That’s because I lived them. And events from my childhood….they’re so sketchy because I haven’t been a child since the 1760s. Alright, it’s not making sense. It’s not making sense. It’s not making logical sense. But listen. You’ve been thinking it. Something is off. Every time that I have made a bad excuse or every time that I haven’t been there for you. Or made you question yourself. Now I didn’t want that for you, Kat.

You deserve the truth.

Spn Rewatch Thoughts: 1x06 Skin

(not as much for this one, I’m really bad at focusing on the show and writing this stuff)

You know the first scene of this episode is considered one of the best music moments on the show, and it was just ruined for me because Netflix sucks and changed the soundtrack! Ugh you can’t tell me they don’t make enough money to get the rights to the music!

I am not looking forward to seeing the shifter change it’s skin, that shit is nasty.

Why does the shifter flash his eyes to the dude?? What’s the point?

ugh i hate watching the shifter shed!!!


How does it feel to be a convicted felon, Dean?