UGG Harrisburg Boot: Now in Horween Chromexcel Cordovan

A few months ago I wrote about a surprising find at UGG, of all places: a Goodyear-welted boot made in America using Horween Chromexcel leather.

At the time, I wrote that I only wished that they’d release the Harrisburg boot in cordovan Chromexcel. That seemed unlikely, since I got in touch with a representative at UGG shortly afterwards, who said at the time that he didn’t think they were bringing the boot back for Fall 2014.

But they have. And while it doesn’t appear that they’ve restocked the original black and tan colorways, they have introduced the boot in cordovan.

You can see the Harrisburg boot at

deadindeathvalley said:

i... i'm sorry but is it really worth posts like that? "Fat" people are just trying to be part of society without benig discriminated against, and the posts on tumblr are about helping our self esteem. if you really understood what it was like to go through life being told from the media, from peers, from every ad on every street corner that you're worthless and no one will ever take you seriously just because of your weight, i don't think you would feel the way you do.

Fat people are part of society, first of all. You could argue that they are the biggest part of society (no pun intended.) 1/3 of the population of America is obese, so that’s, what—105 million people? A fair amount. There is representation, you aren’t a minority, and the idea that every overweight person is discriminated against is a farce. 

My real issue with this, is the idea that if overweight people WEREN’T overweight, they think they would be accepted, or ‘taken seriously.’ That isn’t guaranteed, is it? Your character and life choices regulate how you are treated. Every ad on the street isn’t telling you that you are worthless—you are doing that to yourself. The women on the covers of magazines are photoshopped to oblivion. Being skinny is generally thought of as more attractive, perhaps, but I know plenty of people who are attracted to bigger women too. If you are ‘not being taken seriously’, I suggest cutting shitty people out of your life that are telling you garbage like that. 

Back to what I was saying about discrimination. You are claiming that fat people want to be ‘part of society without being discriminated against.’ Fair enough. But, discrimination comes from a variety of factors. Once you lost weight, it’s possible that you could be discriminated against because of your hair color. You could be discriminated against because of tattoos, or piercings, or your attitude, or your beliefs, or your race, or any number of things. My point in saying this is, different people have different ideals. Someone won’t hire you because you’re fat? Happens. Go apply somewhere else. 

The moral of the story is: if you’re fat, and don’t want to lose weight, but want to be accepted, just remember that discrimination can happen at any size, at any time. If you’re happy with yourself, and you think that society should accept larger people, then act like it. Say ‘I’m this size and I’m happy about it.’ People can’t tear you down if you’ve built yourself up high enough.