UCLA Gymnastics

(How I imagine a) UCLA Team Meeting
  • Miss Val:I want to know what each of YOU are going to do to make sure that we're not 15th in the NCAA next week. That is unacceptable for a team full of athletes this strong.
  • Angi Cipra:I feel like my leaps could be a little better.
  • Miss Val:You know, Hot Yoga improved Sam's active flexibility.
  • Pua Hall:I feel like it's harder to stay in shape when you're only working out 20 hours a week.
  • Miss Val:Adding hot yoga to your routine could help you stay conditioned.
  • Peng Peng Lee:Pressure sets used to help me prepare for a competition. Maybe that would help us stay calm when competing.
  • Miss Val:That must be a weird Canadian thing. Hot Yoga is very calming though.
  • Jordyn Wieber:It sucks that I gave up my NCAA Eligibility. What can I do as team manager to help?
  • Miss Val:HOT. YOGA.
  • Sam Peszek:Maybe I could--
  • Miss Val:No, no, Sam. You're already 100% perfect.

Peng Peng Lee’s return to gymnastics is all I’ve ever wanted and more