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My boyfriend just broke up with me and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to get over it

Well I can’t really tell you how to get over it lovebug, because only you can decide when you’ve had enough of being heartbroken, but if you want to help numb the feeling you can:

  • get rid of trinkets and tokens of this person. closure is necessary to fully move on. u need to admit to urself it’s over and it’s for the better. u could start out by returning items (of clothing, borrowed films, books, headphones, etc) and maybe boxing up photographs and gifts away from sight. also clean sheets feel right
  • surround urself by a positive group of people. plan nights/days out with ur friends. go to lunch or to the mall or to the park or wherever it is. if ur feeling lonely they can be really good company and really help u feel a little more alive again
  • take up a hobby. starting anew without someone u probably opened up ur heart to can be healing. try pottery, or sketching, maybe knitting or baking? becoming more occupied will help u feel productive and it is fun and distracting
  • start a journal. ur in a new stage of your life (no matter how short) and journaling could really help u get those feelings out on paper, it’s good for the soul tbh. and if in the end u don’t wanna keep it around you could always burn it lmao
  • in the worst case scenario if none of the positive/productive things seem to work out, u can turn to the good old binge film watching. some of my favorites are high fidelity, (500) days of summer, amelie, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, legally blonde, heathers, blue valentine, forgetting sarah marshall, kill bill (lmao) and any of ur go-to feel good films
  • music is also a go-to… some playlists i like are this one, also here, and this if u wanna really go all out
  • also this is random but i always recommend mango ice cream… its indulgent but its also a really bright flavor and idk it makes me feel bright as well??? yeah lmao i cant give advice for shit

and know that most importantly, being alone isn’t a bad thing. and all good things must come to an end (bad ones too). it’s better to be alone than in bad company, and the best person there is out there for u just so happens to be urself. u r just so great and i believe u will bounce back in no time!! i luv u very much so 😊

✯ - “Setting fire to our insides for fun.”

( - milesthelunatic

                    ✖ Shadows settle on the place that you left
                    Our minds are troubled by the emptiness
                    Destroy the middle it’s a waste of time
                    From the perfect start to the finish line ✖

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when u mess up in a bioware game
  • dragon age:it's alright lil buddy this sucks but u can still fix it
  • mass effect:u fucked up. everyone u love is dead. u doomed an entire race + earth + probably the entire galaxy. u killed ur friends. u killed ur lover. ur a monster.

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