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Art by Micah Bazant

Alright - let’s do this. 

Hockey Fights Domestic Violence came about when a few of us were in Seattle for Geek Girl Con and ended up at a Buffalo Wild Wings to watch hockey. I mentioned how I wanted to get something going for November because it is domestic violence awareness month and sports (not just hockey) remain absolutely silent on it because well, I guess it isn’t as fun of a thing to market as breast cancer.

Domestic violence happens in so many more ways than someone beating up their partner. It happens with cutting a person off from all of their friends, to holding them financially hostage, as well as verbal and sexual abuse. Lack of resources on the other side make it incredibly difficult for a person to leave safely. 

The ever so delightful nonmodernist kicked off Hockey Fights Domestic Violence with sharing how she will be donating and to what charity. From there, so many others have jumped on and I am so delighted. Really, I wanted to cry happy tears from all the outpouring of kindness from everyone wanting to get involved. It’s really easy to participate: pick a player and multiply a stat by a monetary amount and donate! 

I will be donating to the Raphael House in Portland, Oregon. I chose this organization because they are dedicated to helping people of all kinds of different backgrounds. They also have transitional and youth programs and really work to cover all the facets to help those to escape domestic violence. I will also be using Amazon Smile to support the Raphael House, which donates .5% of all your purchases to a charity of your choice. Amazon Smile is really easy to use. Just set it up with your account and they take care of the rest. 

What will I be donating? Well I have lot of mixed loyalties. And I really do want to keep the donations going for the season - not just through November. Not to mention, I’m a Leafs fan so I wanted to tack on some other things justttt in case :) 

For every:

  • erikkarlsson65 hat trick - $25
  • James Reimer win - $5
  • Dustin Tokarski shutout - $5
  • James Van Riemsdyke goal - $1
  • babely Joffrey Lupul instagram selfie/modeling photoshoot - $1
  • Tyler Seguin assist $.50
  • Tyler Johnson assist $.50

On the 15th of every month I will add it up and make my donation. I will also go back and tally up what I owe since the start of the season. I’m playing dangerously with that bounty I put on Lupul…

If you don’t have the money to donate, that’s fine! We appreciate the enthusiasm you all have put into sharing and promoting. Check with an organization near you and see what they need. A lot of the time they are in need of clothes, shampoo, mobile phones, school supplies for children - anything to help someone start their life. 

You can find hockeyfightsdv on tumblr and please use the hashtag so we can reblog and retweet your pledges! 

If you have any questions about participating feel free to inbox me here, email me at wraparoundcurl@gmail.com or tweet me @wraparoundcurl 



Intimacy with God is all that matters, the trump card, the finality, the eternal, and the goal. Nothing is superior, nothing is more rewarding, nothing is more powerful, nothing is more effective pertaining to ministry, nothing is more pleasurable and full of bliss, and nothing is more impacting upon eternity.
—  Tyler Johnson ‘How to raise the dead’