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im sorry but im crying from laughter

sleepingaliens said:

sorry to bother you but I just wanted to know what you like best about turtlecest?? Like some of the reasons you like it and why you like to draw it so much ^_^. I am new to the tmnt fandom so I am curious. (PS thankyou for making such beautiful, intimate art, it really is a treat!

First off, thankyou kindly :D And welcome to the tmnt fandom!

Secondly, hm. What do I like best about turtlecest? Welp, for me, personally, it’s the connection the boys share. They’re the only ones of their kind. The only ones who share the same kinds of hardships and segregation. They understand one another because they go through the same things themselves. They support one another, take care of one another, pick each other up when one falls down. Better still, it’s not just one brother relying on another, it’s one brother being supported by three others. They’re all pieces of a bigger whole. That’s why I like OT4 better than single pairs. Everyone gets love, no one gets lonely. They can pair off, or crawl into a cuddle pile. There’s the bond of family, trust, love, camaraderie, loyalty, spirituality - gosh, so much connecting them together!

xD There’s just so much chemistry, and feels. So many feels it gives me. That’s why I like drawing them.

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Don’t forget to let your fellow shellheads ship in peace and let us all be proud to stay as the happy fandom as we are now! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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