I started writing a poem about gender.

And it was a good poem. It expressed things I haven’t been able to express. Clearly and succinctly.

But then I remembered what it would look like through the standard tumblr-and-somewhat-elsewhere set of mental widgets about what gender identity is and all its purported magical powers.

And I stopped and closed the window and may never try to write it again.

It was deeply personal. I don’t have the spoons to put out deeply personal writing, or ideas derived from deeply personal experiences, and be threatened with cybershunning from not only the trans community but even the autistic community… for things that I either never said at all, never meant at all, or came out with the wrong words because I’m fucking autistic too you know.

And while there are auties who thrive on the linguistic and ideological and even socialpredictability of critical theory (their own words, don’t even think off telling me I’m making them up) and the mess that has coopted the words social justice these days. There are auties who not only don’t but can’t. And funny how it’s always those of us in the second group who get shunned or steamrollered or pelted with vegetables our deliberately cut off from our own communities, all for having or even just looking like we have dissenting opinions.

And I can’t afford to get cut off from any more community right now.

So for now I will shut up in mixed company. Mixed company meaning the people who thrive in these environments and people lucky to survive them at all. And honestly name recognition is a big way I’ve survived saying things that would otherwise get me shunned, but with the community’s short memories, it won’t be long before people will shun me while using ideas and phrases that my friends and i coined over a decade ago send got passed down with less and less credit. And also using ideas gleaned from bullies and stalkers that have preyed upon community members since years before I was even involved in said communities, and by autistic community standards I’m practically a dinosaur.

Anyway. Just can’t put myself out there to be ripped to shreds right now and that saddens me beyond belief. I long for the trans communities I remember where people weren’t that threatened by personal experiences that contradicted ideologies. Because the ideologies that are entrenched now didn’t exist yet. You don’t even know, many of you, how many trans and genderless people in need you are shoving out in the name of ideologies. It was so much easier when we could just talk.

Love this fandom

I just got home from work (6:30 AM to 2:30PM) and after freaking out all day because of the stupid limit Tumblr sets I have been watching my post count all day worried that I would run out again like yesterday. Well I booted up my tablet and there was a couple of notifications from Twitter (note a huge fan I tend to be to long winded for the 140 character limit)

But Tumblr now that’s a whole other story 455 notes all from Taylor Swift fans just like me. Sorry but you can’t beat that with a stick. Even a senior Swiftie like me can appreciate the differences between Twitter and Tumblr. You just get a more dedicated fan on here than Twitter and they are much more likely to be helpful than your average Twitter follower to noobies so for that I just want to say thank you.

To all the Swiftie’s and swifty’s out there I hope that the 1989 era grants you everything you are hoping for.

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*** how did u 2 meet/become friends?

on tumblr gertjan set me a message and then we started messaging me and we got talking on fanmail and then we added each other on facebook and then we watched a video on the website Rabbit without sound but we could see each other and then we would type on the side and then we like …quickly progressed into talking ….even tho we were both scared to initially and now we facetime etc and talk….omg it happened kinda quickly but its wonderful

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Hey, just a suggestion and not a demand but you should really put the drabbles that turn into beasts and get a mind of their own onto you Fanfiction account or something because sometimes they are hard to follow the was tumblr is set up and I often find I've missed a chunk of something amazing. But hey thanks for the awesome content and you just keep doing what you're doing ;)

The AUs are AUs, not stories. They aren’t completed and I don’t plan on completing most of them. They’re scenes, major plot points. Explanations and analyses. I don’t have the time, energy, or skill to convert it all to chapters and fill in blanks. I don’t want to post anything on fanfiction that I have no intention of finishing or putting my best effort into. That’s not fair to readers expecting full-length fics. I know tumblr’s set up is a pain in the ass, but I’m trying the best I can to tag everything. Most of my AUs are written out of order, so there’s no way for me to really organize it numerically. I’ve done my best to keep the werewolf au masterpost updated, and I plan on creating one for the sacrifice au, but there’s only so much I can do. All the drabbles are listed under their tag, though, and all the links to the tags are on my drabble page. :)

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I'm taking an AP exam tomorrow too! I'm sure you'll do super great on it !!! Good luck and don't worry too much^-^ get a good rest(even though you've been sleeping haha ) and something to eat before the exam !! Hope you have a good day tomorrow~

thank u so much. i was actually going to sleep rn but i usually check tumblr beforehand just to set up my queue. good luck tomorrow on ur exam. u will do great!c:

Guys!! Let’s all chip in whether it’s $1.00 or $1,000.00 every little bit helps. He stood up for what he believed in and made a difference. So let’s do all that we can to stand together and help him :))

Shouts out to @kylegotjokes (on Twitter, idk if he has tumblr) for setting up this campaign ^_^

Here’s the link! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-the-family-of-allen-bullock-post-bail


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