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Constitution Theme Song. 

Lyrics here

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This is my US Constitution theme song…

Tumblr Assignment #2

Select a theme song for the US Constitution… choose a song that reminds you of the feelings or ideas or principles of the document.

Comment on Paul Krugman’s column regarding the breakdown of the Social Contract in America.

Tumblr Assignment # 2: My own Funk Ceramics

The following photos show the progress of my own funk ceramic pieces.  I’m making 2 pieces.  

Assignment #2 - Tumblr

Students will keep a blog throughout the course (Tumblr only). Choose a theme that allows you to use text as well as post images and embed audio and video.

It will include:

1. Projects and accompanying research, process and statements.

2. A series of text responses to assigned course readings reflecting student ability to communicate an understanding of key points. A solid paragraph or two - don’t be slouches here.

3. A weekly blog entry reporting on one work of new media/media-related/technology-centric art including detailed description and thoughtful response (a succinct paragraph should cover this - don’t simply report what the project is - reflect on it’s context and meaning as you understand it).

If you’re new to tumblr, read this.

Read and follow your classmates tumblrs - it creates a shared “conversational” space for us all.