The only reasonable way to spend a Saturday night in: watching your boyfriend try to twerk upside down in his underwear.

A convo I had with my friend in math class the other day :

Me; * going through my tumblr page *
Him; ” oh what’s it about? “
Me; ” just a bunch of depressing shit “
Him; ” oh.. I never knew you were depressed”
Me; *smiles* ” nobody really does ”
Him; * tells me a story of his cousin being abused ect * ” now that’s depression ”
Me; ” you can still be depressed without that happening to you ”
Him; ” no you can’t ”
Me; * pulls down my shirt sleeve so my shoulder is showing *
Him; ” what’re those ? ”
Me; ” people CAN still have depression ” * then I walked away *

Say again?
  • Customer:Ooh I like this clock
  • Me:that is a 31 day regulator style wall clock. Not antique but def vintage.
  • Cust:but what if it's not a 31 day month
  • Me:"..."
True Tales From The Road, Pt 17

I am at the Acoma Sky City Casino/Travel Center. To park, not gamble. 10:15 Saturday Night(a tap drips under the strip light) and I am in the store as a couple of women are getting coffee and having what is probably a normal conversation. If you heard all of it. Here’s the only part I hear:
“No, grandma, no. That’s not what flash mob means. Yes a bunch of people show up someplace at the same time. No they don’t all drop their pants and show off their junk!”
“Well why not?”

I myself can think of a lot of reasons, but I held my silence.

God I love people.