The quest for the “right” bezel insert is done. After much searching, I found a faded bezel insert for this radically sun faded tropical-dialed, patent pending Mark II Sea Dweller. Along with the dead stock tritium pearl, this project is now officially done. Googling/ebaying/etsying/craigslisting for the most esoteric bits possible is nutty, cathartic and most definitely GMS.

My Ideal watch collection

I haven’t done this in a while. It’s essentially all the watches I’m considering for my next purchase.

F.P. journe chronometre bleu

I’m upset with myself everyday I don’t buy this watch. I feel like it’s going to be one of the all time classic watches one day, and I think it’s value is really going to go up. Since I’ve wanted it, it’s gone from $19K to 22K.

Vintage Omega Speedmaster “Pre-Moon” with Brown Tropical dial.

This watch is actually on eBay right now, and the price is shooting up fast. It’s above 6K and it still has 6 more days … and has about 30 people bidding on it.

Rolex Explorer I

I’d love to say I want the older 36mm because i love the way it looks and the way it ages, but it just feels to small on me when I’ve tried it on. Hence, I have my eye on the newer 39mm.

Omega Portuguese Chronometer in gold

Just one of my favorite gold watches.

Speedy Tuesday offering: Ref. 145.022 Calibre .861. Too bad the weather isn’t as tropical as the dial. Check is out now at!
by analogshift from Instagram