Okay I was going to wait until later to post this, but I’m so excited to have finally finished! This was supposed to have been done ages ago, but between commissions and other things it kept getting pushed back. (also it was taking a LONG time to ink and color but now with my new tablet it went really quick! still don’t know how people can pump out image after image though)

Anyway, yellowstarfire is always being super awesome and helpful and drawing my dragons and generally being an amazing friend, so I thought I’d draw Rocky! (I thought, since she was a Pearlcatcher, she might still hang on to her pearl and reminisce whilst listening to the bamboo sway. c:)

There’s a lot to say about Chad Bradsworth really, I’m not sure where to start? Blonde hair, steely-blue eyed. He’s like 24 going on 15, still immature and still in college. He hasn’t had to do anything productive in his life and doesn’t take college too seriously. He’s been in college longer than his other friends, but he doesn’t care. Life is a party. He’s a Nice Guy, using his charms and money to woo girls. When that doesn’t work, there’s always religion. He’s ‘born again’ in name only, he has a lot of tactics he uses when he wants to get in bed with someone. But only girls, obviously, no homo. 

He’s really into purple because he’s really into the significance of the color. He’s got money, so he generally hasn’t gotten in trouble despite being arrested for minor things several times. I’m not sure what else to say, I haven’t completely fleshed him out or anything. He like to wear at least two shirts at once, both with popped collars and he also really likes stars because he sees himself as one so he tries to incorporate them in his outfits. That’s it for now!