Tribeca Film's Synopsis for 'Struck by Lightning'

Even being killed by a bolt of lightning won’t keep budding young journalist Carson Phillips (Glee's Chris Colfer) quiet. Trapped by his small-minded town, this outspoken high school senior recounts the last few weeks of his life through a series of upbeat flashbacks in this playful and energetic comedy written by Colfer himself. As his death date readily approaches, Carson struggles to keep it together only a short time longer while waiting on an admission letter from his dream college—his ticket out of banality.

Director Brian Dannelly (Saved!) fuses a vivid high school landscape with the intimate video footage shot by classmate Malerie (Rebel Wilson)—who encyclopedically chronicles the lives of her fellow students—adding to the feel of a genuine high school experience. Razor-sharp performances from Colfer and Allison Janney as his mother are reinforced by a memorable supporting cast, including Christina Hendricks (Drive), Angela Kinsey (The Office), and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) who plays a mean-girl cheerleading captain. Fast-paced and searingly witty, Struck By Lightning proves Colfer is a multifaceted talent and that high school is an endless well for rousing entertainment.
—Genna Terranova

This film is appropriate for teenagers and up.

April 1, 2012 - Tribeca Film


Hurricane Sandy Empowers a Film It Almost Destroyed

On October 28 of last year, Sam Fleischner was riding the A train out to Rockaway. With him were an autistic child actor, a lighting guy, sound guy — an entire film crew in fact, all under his direction. To hear the name of the film, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, is to understand that the location was an appropriate one; it’s the story of a 13-year-old autistic boy played by Jesus Sanchez who gets lost on the subway for 10 days. When it’s not taking place on the A train, Stand Clear unfolds in the Rockaways, where the boy’s mother is on a frantic mission to find him. The real-life story (documented in a New York Times article in 2009) that inspired the film takes place in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. But Fleischner saw parallels between the subway and the ocean, and he wanted the family in his film to live nearby. It was four days before Fleischner’s film was scheduled to wrap, and he needed all the time in the subway he could get. But Hurricane Sandy had other plans.

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