the hair???

the dancing???

this is hard to watch


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thank you Trent,

Thank you for putting out pretty hate machine because when i was 11 i heard it and was amazed, i also thought the only 2 albums you put out where the with teeth and pretty hate machine but thats besides the point. thank you for putting our broken, it got me through a shitty break up and bullying, thank you for putting out the downward spiral because it let people know how i felt when i could say anything. thank you the most for putting out the fragile, it got me through so much, shitty break ups, coming out to my parents , every time i fucked something up or i felt bad i would put the fragile on. i listened to the fragile on the way to my therapist after my parents found out i was depressed, i listened to it when i got diagnosed with a mood disorder later found out to be bpd. I listened to it when my bf was in a mental hospital and i felt hopeless and alone. thank you for with teeth because that stuff is 1) catchy as hell 2) the second NIN album i heard and motivated me to be less self destructive and in the long run made me realize song writing, running and cooking are better ways to take out my stress then destroying myself and then having to see the broken faces of my parents when i told them. thank you for year zero, thank you for the slip and thank you for hesitation marks. Thank you for keeping your shit together because damn it must have been hard for you too.

keep doing what you do trent.


"In terms of ‘Gone Girl’ we thought a lot about some clues we’d gotten from David in terms of this concept that the film deals a lot with appearances. Here’s a couple that appears to the outside world to be ideal, but is not inside. [It’s] about spouses and their appearances to one another and the facades they try to hold up to attract to one another and what happens when that starts to break down. And we started to think about that in terms of music. What if we started to create some music that artificially was to make you feel like everything is OK, but almost in an insincere way. And that starts to unravel. And that we kind of translated into these instruments and tried composing with this structure that leads us into paths that start to flesh into other things." (x)


"We shouldn’t be competing. There is much more terrible music out there that we should unite against. But we don’t wanna make a video that seems like we’re bitchy cause uh, Limp Bizkit is doing better than we are.. in their minds" 

-Marilyn Manson

"Look, I’m not gonna say Limp Bizkit sucks. You know it, I know it. I’m not gonna say it.

-Trent Reznor