At 12:45AM, we don't think properly.
  • Me:Hey Torrence...check out my antennae. -piece of hair off the side of my head wiggles-
  • Torrence:Woah. Omg Jo lmao. xD try bite it with your mouth.
  • Me:Aaaang! -tries and fails-
  • Torrence:lmfao I'm bored Jo. -spins in circles in his chair-
  • xxx
  • Torrence:I'm waiting til 2:30 to go to Mauna Kea.
  • Janci:That's the mountain right?
  • Torrence:No that's the sea lmao
  • Jo:...Janci wtf xD

)(mm, let’s see w)(ich people )(e follows…

O)( my, it looks like your narcissism is still alive and well, looking at t)(e fact you follow not one, but two Eridans! Can’t get enoug)( of yourself? 38P

S)(orely, it would befit you to follow a blog run by… me… well. Mig)(t be the Alternate Universe scenario at play )(ere, and you couldn’t resist following )(er like a flock of fish. )(e)(e)(, )(ow typical of you.

Meanw)(ile, we )(ave two Redglares, w)(at looks like a young version of t)(em, some kind of Megido I’m not aware of (no one tells me w)(at’s up t)(ese nig)(ts… 38C), t)(e usual tide of Makaras (I t)(oug)(t you )(ated t)(em… or do you )(ave a black crus)( on )(im??? 38D), Sollux, Nepeta (I )(ope s)(e’s my Nepeta, I )(aven’t seen )(er in ages), some ot)(er blogs I can’t for the life of me recognize, and our lovely Empress, along wit)( 2 younger iterations.

)(i, Empress! 38D