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THE THIN MINT CHALLENGE begins in approximately THREE hours (6:30pm PST)!

Watch in horror as I take on three boxes of Thin Mints in one hour (then keep them down for an additional hour) in the name of charity!

Watch it LIVE here on YOWIE!

Hosted by Justin & Jacob of TREMENDOSAUR, and featuring Samantha Morris and some other funny special guests!

BUY A COMMEMORATIVE SHIRT! (proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) This flattering T-Shirt is designed by Mango.

This is a challenge originally proposed by Moxy, in a sadistic attempt to destroy me and/or my sincere love of Thin Mints.  What Moxy doesn’t know is that my love of Thin Mints knows no bounds, and I am prepared to prove it. 


Hugo to the Movies! The only movie review show that compares every single movie to Martin Scorsese’s 2011 film Hugo is here. Watchy watchy?


Today’s episode of Hugo To The Movies has America’s treasure Betsy Sodaro and is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

Sketch Guild *Special Workshop*: IMPROV FOR SKETCH with JACOB REED!

THIS SATURDAY, 4-6: We’ve got Jacob Reed (Tremendosaur, UCB’s Bangarang!) on board to teach a special workshop on developing sketch ideas from improv! The session will revolve around pulling ideas from a long-form improv set and then workshopping them in a writer’s room setting. No previously written material required, just be ready to have FUN!

Email to claim your spot!

"It was weird because – I mean, have you ever been around a bunch of naked people you didn’t know? To all of them, it was just a normal day of work. So nobody gave us a heads up that they were going to start getting naked. It just happened and then we were like, oh, this is happening." -Tremendosaur on their experience as hosts for Playboy’s "e-Rotic."

Read the full interview with tremendosaur right HERE.

A Night of Comedy Shorts - TONIGHT!

Please join LAWVCHILLERS and some of Los Angeles’ funniest and freshest filmmakers for an evening of comedy short films. This will be a night you won’t want to miss. 

TONIGHT! - Thursday June 23rd 2011

The Laemmle Royal
11523 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Including films from…

A Box of Scraps -

Tremendosaur -

Five Second Films -

Barak & Joe -

Matthew Paul Wells -

& More…

SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!!! Erryyybboddyyyyyy!
Come and have drinks with us before (and after) @

Mom’s Bar & Lounge.
12238 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

To purchase tickets for the event, please click the link below:




Watch the latest Tremendosaur sketch we made for Above Average! Starring the amazing and well-dressed James Urbaniak.

62: Jacob Reed
  • 62: Jacob Reed
  • Stephen Perlstein
  • Improv Obsession Podcast

Jacob Reed is on! You know Jacob from improv powerhouse Bangarang, sketch duo Tremendosaur, movie teams Rough Cut and Wilhelm. You COULD say Jacob Reed is a UCB Based Triple Threat. Wink Samantha Pitchel. Jacob and I talk about parameters for success in a harold, being noticed in improv shows, finding your voice, and of course, pornography he was in. That’s a little hyperbolic but that’s what moves improv podcasts, baby! Golden age of improv, be excellent to each other, and most of all, happy improvising.

I was a guest on Tremendosaur’s Before You Were Funny podcast, along with Ben Garant (Reno 911!, The State) and Colton Dunn (Key & Peele, MadTV)!

What is the Before You Were Funny Podcast, you ask? Why, it’s an audio sketch show featuring terrible sketches written before the guests had any idea how to be funny! My contributions were written in college and at least one of them is pretty offensive to Italian people for no discernible reason! Give it a listen and subscribe!

This Week's Homework: THE MUPPET MOVIE


  • The kinda, approximate origin of the world famous muppets. Kermit, fresh out of the swamp and on the run from a frogs-leg-merchant, treks across America with new found friends to find success in Hollywood.



  • 1979


  • The film acts as an allegory for Henson’s real rise to fame.
  • A positive, pun-filled, sincere film about positivity and the power of friendship.
  • It’s so much fun.
  • The fourth wall breaks.
  • The music by Paul Williams
  • Because it’s the muppets!

Who’s Our Guest?:

Justin Michael

  • Comedian and member of the hilarious sketch team: Tremendosaur. He has strong feelings about funny felt. 

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The Fifth Racer by Tremendosaur and starring Jeremy Piven and Eugene Cordero