Most beautiful underrated obscure song.


Midweek Melancholia

The brilliant voice behind the Lamb.

“Treat Her Gently”

Lou Rhodes


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Could you make a head cannon were the baddest bidder guys are teasing eusaki and mc about 50 Shades of Grey. ( i have had this one on my mind.)

The guys were in the penthouse when Baba suddenly thought that your relationship with Eisuke resembled 50 Shades of Grey.
“Hey, Mr Grey, treat her gently, look at the mark you put on her neck,” Baba said.
“You’re just jealous, Baba,” Eisuke smirked. “There are more things concealed under her dress, by the way.”
“What’s 50 Shades of Grey?” Soryu asked.
Baba took a book from the shelf and threw it at him.
Soryu opened the book randomly and ended up at some steamy love scene. His face reddened, “…”
“Say, Eisuke, what are you using to bind her?” Ota asked.
”What? Are you interested?” Eisuke returned his teasing back. “Want to try it next time?”
”W-what are you saying?” your face heated like you’re going to get a fever.
”Mamoru, what do you think?” Ota smiled at him.
Mamoru turned and said, “I prefer vanilla. If it’s done well, you don’t need ropes and all that.”
“Oh…. touche, Mamo,” Baba grinned. “So you read it as well, huh?”
“Guys, please stop!” you raised your voice and they laughed looking at how red your face was.
“You’re like a cooked lobster,” Eisuke whispered in your ear. “And I just want to drench you in some hot sauce and eat you.”

a/n: And what’s yours? ;)

More headcanons [x]

Cosima moving Gracie’s hair gently and doing up her jacket for her means everything to me because it’s one of the only times in her entire life where someone took care of her without expecting anything of her I’m so upset

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Certain death: furfur & Tal

bad choices || status: accepting

“ – again with the shitty questions? Fine.

       But goddamn, this sucks!  If I pick one, the other will probably kill me
       for not picking the other – shit, man, fuck you for this. Seriously.”

She thinks about it in silence, thinks about their respective relationships.
She’s known Tal longer, probably knows him better.  He’s always been
so kind to her, even when she really doesn’t deserve it.  They haven’t
spoken much since the – Belle incident, but she still considers him one
of her closest friends.

But Furcifer – Furf looks at her like she’s something incredible.  He makes
her feel so special.  So he pities her a little more, so he treats her more gently
than Tal.  He cares about her, genuinely cares.

                     “ – Tal. It’s close, but Tal. But I still hate you for asking.”

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How to care for the Princess of Dale: You must make sure she is comfortable; that she has a nice place to relax, food, water, and lots of comfy cushions. Treat her gently. Do not be rough and cause her discomfort at any time. If by chance you do hurt her, if your hands were too rough, then you must kiss the booboos and make them feel better. Also cats! You must provide Sigrid with a kitten to play with when she comes to visit. Especially if it's the one she gave you because kittens : >

Anonymously or not, send “How To Care For” instructions for my muse

Sigrid approves of these instructions, they are quite accurate.  

Gracie better have so many nice things coming to her bc this is horrific. Her body has been treated as property by everyone her whole life. She’s been reduced to her uterus at every fucking corner. Her parents forced her to carry a child. Castor hollowed her out and used her as an experiment. 

I’m disgusted. I’m so disgusted. Cosima and co. treating her gently is all I have rn bc she’s just a precious child whose whole future has been treated as if it didn’t belong to her. 

She isn’t exclusively her ability to have a child, but that was a choice she should have been able to make ON HER OWN regardless of which way she went. She’ll never get to have that choice. Even if she feel relieved, she never had an option so she never got to decide.



i. they are painful and awkward and so in love that they hurt each other trying not to hurt each other, but inevitably they resolve their conflicts and continue loving each other.

ii. he is gentle and kind and caring to all the shy girls he meets, and they love him for it, but all he wants in his partner is a sensitive, loving girl. he doesn’t want to break their hearts, and they understand, and go on loving him for his gentleness.

iii. she doesn’t mind him, and that’s the most that she can say. (it’s not the only thing she can say— he looks nice and treats her gently, but they don’t talk about much, and there’s an emptiness in their relationship that echoes her own void.)

iv. he’s trying for her. he loves her. she doesn’t love him back. (yet.)

v. she never thought of him that way, yet here he is, professing his love, and she can’t take it, not yet, not after this twist. infuriatingly, he understands, and let’s her go.

vi. it’s the vaguest of feelings, so she nips it at the bud. it may be egotistical of her, she admits, but any awkwardness now is worth skipping the heartbreak later.

vii. it’s an infatuation that she cannot control, manic and unstable, until finally she lets it out and gets her closure.

viii. she is careful and her heart is wary, but longing. his heart is wary, and he is careful. she is blunt as a juggernaut, shoving her doubts in his face to resolve them, only for him to twist deftly out of the way and leave her to dance.

ix. this is when they are at their best: loud, bickering; quiet, trusting; free, chatting; actively and passively together.

x. they never know what to say.