Amnesia Chapter 40

Fandom: Pentatonix

Rating: M

Warnings: Language, bodily injury/trauma, OFC, NSFW

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Penny slowly drifts awake, keenly aware of the empty space beside her. She’s on her stomach, face pressed into the pillow and peering over the edge, she finds Avi’s side of the bed empty. Sliding her hand across the sheets, she feels the warmth of his body still held within the fabric and knows he hasn’t been gone long. The soft orange glow of the setting sun streams in through the slats in the blinds and Penny guesses there’s only about an hour before darkness sets.

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Nicked this one from facebook:

When assessing a head trauma, you notice blood coming out of the ear. What procedure would help determine whether or not there is cerebrospinal fluid mixed with the blood? 

And let’s go one step further- can you explain what the presence of CSF indicates and your prehospital management? Preferably reblog so we can discuss rather than just reply. 

The brain and how it keeps everything in order

Our eyes may be our window to the world, but how do we make sense of the thousands of images that flood our retinas each day? Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have found that the brain is wired to put in order all the categories of objects and actions that we see. They have created the first interactive map of how the brain organizes these groupings.

The result — achieved through computational models of brain imaging data collected while the subjects watched hours of movie clips — is what researchers call “a continuous semantic space.

Some relationships between categories make sense (humans and animals share the same “semantic neighborhood”) while others (hallways and buckets) are less obvious. The researchers found that different people share a similar semantic layout.


Cop kills a drunk autistic man in custody

[V]ideo has been released of the incident in which a very drunk David Dehmann, a 33-year-old autistic man, is slammed to the ground by Deputy Chase Wright in Mount Vernon, Ohio, hard enough to cause a head trauma injury that killed him two days later.

The Columbus Dispatch on how it got to that point:

David Levi Dehmann had been arrested at 7:43 p.m. Tuesday by Mount Vernon police Cpl. Travis Tharp, who had been sent to the ball fields at Dan Emmett Elementary School after a call about a suspected drunken man who had fallen down by the restrooms.

Tharp arrested Dehmann on a charge of persistent disorderly conduct and took him to the Knox County Jail to be booked

So, so many dumb reasons to end up in custody in these United States. Maybe they could have even let him sleep it off–he was not at that moment directly harming anyone’s life or property. But they took him to jail. Dehmann has been on a bender all day, and in fact had earlier been found vomiting on someone’s patio and taken to the hospital, then released, and driven to an aunt’s house by an officer, then later found on the ball field. He had likely already hurt his own head in his earlier drunken fit.

After a series of what very much look like drunk-friendly gestures, Deputy Wright grabs his hand violently. Alas, the specifics of every last step are tantalizingly on the border of the camera view. Dehmann’s arm comes swinging back in, in a motion the police and some media interpret as trying to punch the cop; maybe, maybe not. If so, it was for sure a swing and a miss. Then he was slammed to the ground with enough violence to cause his death.

Original police statement about the incident, which is now being investigated by the state attorney general. Wright is on the usual administrative leave:

While Dehmann was in the jail’s intake area he became aggressive with the jail staff making an aggressive move towards Deputy [Chase] Wright. Mr. Dehmann did attempt to hit Dep. Wright in the face causing Dep. Wright to place Mr. Dehmann into a take down hold, taking him to the ground to get control of him. Once control was gained it was found that Mr. Dehmann had hit his head on the floor during the incident. Mr. Dehmann was transported to KCH ER by Mount Vernon medics for a medical evaluation.”

Watch the video. Tell me if it comports with the police’s retelling of events.

Notice how Dehmann is joking with some of the officers. The main cop he’s talking to is obviously smiling. As he follows the main cop he smiles and gestures to a female officer. She seems to see it for the benign nothing it is and simply points to tell the man to keep following the main cop. He then smiles and tries the same gesture with Deputy Wright who obviously views the rest of humanity with the contempt we expect from most cops, who then violently slaps his hand away. After the man reacts to this unexpected aggression (slapping the air? it’s certainly not any movement with real violence. Even if it was an attempt at a punch, Dehmann is very clearly not a real threat.), the cop picks Dehmann up and body slams him to the floor head-first, smashing his skull.

There are five cops there. Obviously, among them there’s one evil, psychopathic, unrepentant asshole. But the rest do what? Do they detain the psycho cop? Do they interfere at all? Or do they simply help him?

Once again, the mythical “good cop” we always hear about fails to make an appearance.


replied to your



usually when people say “tumblr is so terrible…

i’m not trying to be mean or say you’re wrong but i’m honestly curious- what do u mean by it’s shit?? like i havent really seen much posts about abuse so i’m legit curious (i had an abusive dad btw so i’m not asking just to say youre wrong)

people come up with all these conditioners on when abuse is & isn’t real even though it’s highly variant on the situation and can’t be defined like that, people expect abuse victims to willingly and perfectly recount all of their trauma on a moment’s notice with perfect reciepts and no inconsistencies whatsoever or else they’re called fake, i’ve seen people expect physical abuse victims to post pictures of injuries

they call abuse victims fake if they only talk about it when it’s “convenient” even though it’s fucking horrible to talk about trauma especially if someone can’t remember it, dissociates, or has breakdowns or other attacks/episodes thinking about it, they call victims fake if they don’t fit the perfect victim stereotype, and call victims’ sexualities, genders, etc fake if they’ve been influenced by their trauma

they often say that abuse victims are overreacting when they don’t know the full story, often because the victim can’t tell it all. the victim is expected to put their health aside in order to tell the full story no matter what cost because people are obsessed with credibility– like of course, that makes sense if they’re saying “x person is bad stop associating with them” since abusers often well. abuse callouts in order to get back at their victims, but i’ve seen people who even just. casually mention their abuse without expecting anyone to attack their abuser or even whose abusers can’t be attacked!! because they’re irl or in jail or something!! to tell their entire story or they’re fake. i’m not saying take everyone at face value– i’m saying don’t immediately assume someone’s fake. it’s ambiguous

basically i fucking hate most of tumblr’s mindset on this


Concepts for Marcach, the suddenly headless First Apocalyptic Horseman of Conquerors and Pestilence. Having lost his head, bow, and horse, Marc travels the world and beyond to find them and fulfill his mission on humanity.

lol nah he’s actually really shy, shiny/bright things disorientate him, animals seem to listen to him, and he’s actually a massive dork who gets excited over trivial things. usually he writes what he wants to say since he’s lost his head, otherwise he signs if he’s really excited. he has no clue how to use most technology


Lethal Interpersonal Violence in the Middle Pleistocene

  • by Nohemi Sala, Juan Luis Arsuaga, Ana Pantoja-Pérez, Adrián Pablos, Ignacio Martínez, Rolf M. Quam, Asier Gómez-Olivencia, José María Bermúdez de Castro and Eudald Carbonell

“Evidence of interpersonal violence has been documented previously in Pleistocene members of the genus Homo, but only very rarely has this been posited as the possible manner of death. Here we report the earliest evidence of lethal interpersonal violence in the hominin fossil record. Cranium 17 recovered from the Sima de los Huesos Middle Pleistocene site shows two clear perimortem depression fractures on the frontal bone, interpreted as being produced by two episodes of localized blunt force trauma. The type of injuries, their location, the strong similarity of the fractures in shape and size, and the different orientations and implied trajectories of the two fractures suggest they were produced with the same object in face-to-face interpersonal conflict. Given that either of the two traumatic events was likely lethal, the presence of multiple blows implies an intention to kill. This finding shows that the lethal interpersonal violence is an ancient human behavior and has important implications for the accumulation of bodies at the site, supporting an anthropic origin” (read more/open access).

(Open access sourcePLoS ONE 10(5): e0126589, 2015)

Hi guys. I need to share this in hopes of getting some help. On Mother’s Day 2015 my 16 year old brother, Hunter, was involved in a horrific car accident. As the passenger he was thrown around the car, and the result was severe brain trauma. They are telling is he could be in long term care, a year or more. It is heart breaking for us to see him like this, he is such a caring, spunky, individual who was just starting his life. He was supposed to go get his license the next day. He was excited to drive to new fishing spots with our sister, Abby, who is his best friend. He had such a happy energy about him and a hilarious sense of humor that involved calling me “poop” every time he addressed me.

My mother, dad, sister and I are in shock. As emotionally draining as this is we are taking turns staying at the hospital. And those of us who don’t stay have to travel back and forth from NH to MA. My aunt has set up a go fund me to help us pay for travel expenses, parking (which is $10 per day), food, places to stay. On top of the travel expenses my parents and I aren’t working to spend every day with my brother. We are really in need of help. Our life has been turned upside down and it would really be a load off if we had financial help. Please please share this link even if you can’t donate. Please send good vibes and healing thoughts his way.

Thank you for reading.

{Sitrep 049} Things Are Not Getting Better

{Sitrep 049} Things Are Not Getting Better

I finally read that email my main supervisor sent to me in response to my concerns with what has been going on & for clarification on the future office situation. Suffice to say, I have to go back to not talking about it because my parents want me to consider filing a grievance. Things are just not good & I don’t know which is depressing me more: the things my coworker has & continues to be doing…

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{Sitrep 047} The Hits Just Keep Coming

{Sitrep 047} The Hits Just Keep Coming

This afternoon, I got an email from the HR lady who has been “helping” me with all my medical/disability stuff from the accident in regards to my job. I put that word in quotes because she has consistently screwed things up for me. Today was no exception.

Her email informed me that she had fucked up with my time sheet for last month & because of that I would be getting almost 8hrs of LWOP (leave…

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