How to Still feel like a  Man when You’re on your Period

1. Pretend You’ve Been Wounded

Kind of kidding, kind of not.

Blood is blood is blood. And if you see blood coming from any part of your body it shouldn’t be, your brain concludes only one thing: Something’s wrong.

In essence, you’re injured.

Your body needs help, so help it.

Treat it like you would any other malady. Rest is necessary for the weary, pads are like gauze. Done deal.

2. Take Pain Meds (Or Other Relief Factors) If You’re Hurting

As said above, your body is hurting and needs help. So help it.

It’s not somehow effeminate to take pain meds, nor is it somehow masculine to tough out the pain.

If you’re hurting, take an over-the-counter pain med, use heating pads, or do whatever else you know will work for you.

Taking pain meds doesn’t mean you’re admitting defeat and paying homage to your cycle. It means you’re doing what you can to continue being you despite this little hiccup in your life.

3. Consider Switching to a Menstrual Cup

Stop! Stop screaming! Hear me out!

I recognize this one isn’t for everybody, but there are some props to consider with this method. 

Look, these cups are designed to last up to ten years, making the $30 you blow on it infinitely worthwhile if you can afford it. 

They also work with the mighty power of suction when worn correctly, so your worries of being outed by an unlucky leak are virtually impossible.

And above all, cups have yet to catch on in popularity and therefore are less feminized,particularly by advertising and the media. No pink swirls, no artificial lady scents, no societal shame for somehow breaking your man oath. Using a cup may simply help your brain un-woman the entire thing.

We, as trans men, still have the chance to claim these bad boys for our own (at least partially). So go stake some claim!

4. Recognize This Experience  Actually Enhances Your Masculinity – By Dismantling It

But seriously, let’s indulge that route a moment. Because you know what? Trans guys win out over the cis guys. (Fuck yeah!)

Confused? Let me explain.

What you’re going through is far more than the usual cis man has to deal with. What you’re going through is defying all of logic and nature, which in my book means the very fabric of being should be imploding in on itself right now.

You’re bleeding. From an area of your body that shouldn’t exist. Frequently and repeatedly.

But are you still standing? Yup.

5. Embrace That Man-Struation Isn’t Inherently Female

And just like that, the cis world explodes.

Ovaries Don’t Make a Woman

Unedited here

It’s a hard thing, but if you beat your brain and your heart, remind yourself that it’s ridiculous that being on your period makes you a woman. Be yourself, you’re a man, hang in there Handsome! You’re pretty fucking badass for going through this.

-I’m a trans girl so I’m not in the same situation but My heart is With you


  • society:what are you talking about, gay people are accepted in society
  • gay man:that's only because you watch Glee so you think we're just the "hilarious gay sidekick"
  • lesbian:that's only because you watch porn
  • transgender or non-binary person:do you want to talk about the duggars or no
  • asexual, bisexual, or pansexual person:don't even get me started

Support the Gender Identity Bill! from Egale Canada Human Rights Trust

As you may or may not know, transgender people in Canada are still do not benefit from basic human rights. We are not legally protected from discrimination in housing, employment, education, or health care, nor is trans-related violence recognized as a hate crime.

Advocates have been trying to get Bill C-279 passed in parliament for almost 3 years now, which would amend the Canada Human Rights Act to include gender identity as a prohibited ground for discrimination. But despite support, we are still sitting at a stand-still.

If you live in Canada, please visit to learn more, contact your senator and urge them to take action about this important human rights issue.


Hello! this is my cousin Rhyan, and he is trying to raise money for his reassignment surgery! I am so proud of him for being true to himself and doing what he can to reach his goal. Rhyan has always been a boy in my eyes, and i want him to be able to feel like one too. I know this is what will truly make him happy and I want to help and be supportive as much as I can, so if you can donate please do and if not please spread the word! thank you so much to everyone that donates! 

this is the link to his FundRazr

I love you Rhyan and I will be here for you as much as I can along the way! 


anonymous asked:

Please explain how you can be trans if you don't have dysphoria. I'm curious to know how that's possible.

‘Dysphoria’ means ‘a sense of unease’ - it does not just refer to body or gender dysphoria, but to other things, like social dysphoria, etc. The opposite of dysphoria is euphoria; euphoria is an intense feeling of comfort or happiness. 

Now, some trans people feel a lot of bodily dysphoria. They may decide they want HRT or surgery to do something about this. 

However, genitals do not equal gender, nor do other body parts, and it is perfectly natural for some trans people to be okay with their bodies, or even positive about them. I personally have dysphoria, but only chest dysphoria. I am perfectly comfortable with having a vagina. I’m a boy, so, it’s a boy’s vagina. Just how it is, for me. Now, some people do not experience any dysphoria, but DO experience gender euphoria when referred to by the correct pronouns. Happier identifying as a gender other than what you were assigned at birth? Then you’re trans. That’s it. There’s no checklist, and dysphoria is not a requirement. 

It is a ridiculous and outdated concept that a trans person must hate their body to be trans. I have never understood ‘dysphoria policing’ within the trans community. Gender euphoria is a thing, and needs to be taken into account. 

How can we claim to be forward thinking and more educated on gender issues than cis people if we, like cis people, put someone’s validity of identity on their bodies and how they feel about them? 

Yet a macro survey of transgender adults conducted in the US indicated that a large proportion of respondents knew at an early age what their true gender was – they just kept it under wraps because of social stigma in their childhood years. So we could say that gender-creative children can possibly know their gender – and do, at a very young age.

Diane Ehrensaft, Director of Mental Health at the Child and Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF.

Read the full article: We trust children to know what gender they are – until they go against the norm

Pride :)

With pride coming round I feel (after seeing a few posts saying otherwise) people need to remember that if you see a ‘straight’ couple you must remember that these people could be bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender or any other part of the community.
You do not get to shun them for that and you do not get to believe that they deserve to be there any less.
Also if you find out someone there is straight also don’t get annoyed as they may be accompanying a lgbt friend.

This being said do enjoy it and be proud of yourself and those around you :*