Trail of Footprints


300 ft Wall in Bolivia has over 5000 Dinosaur Footprints

Located 5 km (3 miles) from downtown Sucre, Bolivia is Cal Orko, an imposing limestone slab 1.5 km (0.9 miles) long and over 100 meters high (328 ft). On this steep face (inclination of 72 degrees), visitors can peer through time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth over 68 million years ago.


She trailed the footprints scuffed in frost shadow at the edge of the woods, then stepped into the trees, a succession of tiny damages marking his passage, a broken twig, a crushed fiddlehead, a shred of moss scalped from the crown of a stone, but she would not think of where he was going, only if she could follow.

( goodandbrave )

She had gone for a walk in the woods, for the
day had been absolutely glorious. Birds sang
with her, the flowers hummed contentedly as
they   soaked  up  sunlight.  Cheeks  that had
grown  weary  from hours upon hours indoors
now  shown with a sun kissed gleam, and the
Queen’s    step   bounced   with   a   renewed
ENTHUSIASM for the beauty of LIFE.

She  hadn’t  noticed the mud upon her shoes
when  she’d  re-entered  the  palace, but now
the  lass  sits  D I S T R A U G H T  upon  the 
main  stairs  of  the  palace  foyer.  She is not
UPSET about the ruined state of her slippers
though,  and  instead  frets  over  the  trail of
muddied footprints she’s left behind.

At  the  sound  of  approaching footfalls, Ella
STRAIGHTENS  herself  up  and collects the
dirtied  hem  of  her   gown   to   keep   from
CREATING more mud trails. Her expression
lights up as she sees the King approaching,
and immediately Ella lets out the lightest of
relieved sighs.

I’ve made such a mess after they did such
  a  wonderful  job  of  keeping   the   palace
  PRISTINE — and I’ve ruined it !! “

The stars underneath your brows tell me you’re far away
In your own universe where neon angels sing
Dark gold covering your eyes
Beaming me up like a supernova
Your touch is like a kiss of an angel
Your lips are the salvation in my dark age
Your seed cures my plague
Planting a new world inside me
We’ll paint galaxies blue with our breath
We’ll swirl everyone around our wrists
Blow the dust in your hands
Create oceans and their sands
Blow the dust in your hair
Let the mortals have their air

Stardust in your fingernails
Sparkling diamonds
The essence of eternity
I’ll vanish in your trail of serenity
Footprints on once forgotten roads
The light in our eyes was once brighter than the sun
Now we walk upon the lands of silence
Grasping your hand is like grasping a whole new world
Who are you
You are the light in my darkness
You are the blue seas and endless galaxies
You are eternity

—  Lynxesser

The waves crash against the rock, sending a spray of salt water to land on our hair,
The cold water laps at our feet, but our feet are so numb we hardly notice.

The camera clicks a simple photo of us laughing,
A trail of footprints leads them to find us.

Perched upon the jagged rock, we watch the sunset
With a cool, salty breeze around us.

A broken shell lies before us,
Broken from the endless crashing of the waves.
Just like us, the beach is full of wonders.
But it has its flaws,
Just like us.

—  by meee