Jinji River Scenic Area, Luoyang, China

“Jinji River stretches four kilometers from the entrance of the scenic area to its source where a gurgling spring is located. With a relative fall head of up to 340 meters, it has a great number of waterfalls, with the highest exceeding 100 meters and the widest measuring more than 10 meters. The scenic area is verdantly wooded with winding paths that run along streams. Except those near large waterfalls, most paths are smooth and barrier-free. This area is the background where many legendary stories happened, including stories about a bamboo-growing fairy, a chained dragon and the tyrant Wang Mang pursuing the hero Liu Xiu. With breathtaking natural scenery and enchanting folklores, this scenic area is a great painting coming alive.” 

In other words, this is a popular tourist attraction with well-kept but crowded paths, lots of areas with interesting names (Silk Ball Rock, Dragon Claw Falls, Golden Rooster Valley), and far too many stairs. Well past the spring you can keep climbing the mountain to a viewing area at the top, though the steep, uneven stairs with no guardrail almost made the view not worth the painful climb on a hot day. Plenty of exercise, though, with the entire trip being about 8 kilometers from the base to the top and down again, mostly on an incline.