Topher: Does that tie keep you warm? No. No. It’s just what grown up men do in our culture. They put a piece of cloth around their necks so they can assert their status, and recognise each other as non-threatening kindred. You wear the tie because it never occurred to you not to. You eat eggs every morning but never at night. You feel excitement and companionship when rich men you’ve never met put a ball through a net. You feel guilty, maybe a little suspicious, every time you see that salvation army Santa. You look down for at least half a second if a woman leans forward. And your stomach rumbles every time you drive by a big golden arch, even if you weren’t hungry before. Everybody’s programmed, Boyd.


Adelle DeWitt: Still you have to admit, I am… very British. I don’t say hard R’s. 
Topher Brink: You know what I like? Brown sauce. What’s it made of? Science doesn’t know! 
Adelle DeWitt: It’s made of brown. 
Topher Brink: Brown. Mined from the earth by the hardscrabble brown miners of North Brownderton.