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I’ve never been in a situation where my bestfriend, girlfriend, or boyfriend was willing to commit suicide just to end their life because it was too painful. But if I were, I promise you not only one person would be dead. I would be too because I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror knowing that I let someone I truly love go because I didn’t give enough support. I would be heartbroken and beaten down to the core. I wouldn’t give a shit about what anyone says or does. I would be in more pain than the person who actually committed suicide. This is for all the people struggling or were. I want you to know that you’re worth it, because I love you even if no one else feels the same. Please, work through the pain because there will be joy on the other side and you’ll be able to say, “I’ve made it”. Please reblog everyone. A gorgeous person could use the help, because everyone’s beautiful in their own way x

I wanna be your lover, baby, i wanna be your man by tommorows

"Louis could probably talk to a wall and find something in common with it. The wall would probably blush and ask Louis for his number. The wall is probably Harry Styles, comes to think of it"

Yeees~ fanfic appreciation . Everything is so fast, but i don’t feel any rush. so much fluff, my heart flutter in many part… Love this so much!


I loved Hilary Duff growing up, Lizzie McGuire was my life. She sang and she acted as well, so that’s always something I’ve always wanted to do[…]

[…] first of all, Hilary Duff was my idol. I loved her and Lizzie McGuire. And that was my world. - Selena Gomez

Do I like Hilary Duff? Yeah! She’s like the Original Disney Queen. I think anybody on Disney Channel, that’s a female, looks up to her. She’s awesome. And she’s so beautiful and you know, she’s got a great figure! She’s not like this big, you know, she’s a really good role for people who have curves~ like me. - Demi Lovato

[…] You are amazing! Getting to meet you, seriously, it was like, I never be quiet and for once I was speechless. I was so happy. So thank you so much, for everything. And also, I never got the chance to tell you this, but thank you for making it cool to be a good girl, and to want to be a good role model. Thank you for making that cool. Cause that’s something I really look up to you for. - Miley Cyrus

Happy 25th Birthday to the Original Disney Queen, Hilary Duff!

Legend of Korra’s Book 2 Countdown (1/10)

Decided to do a countdown for when Korra will be back (lol get it;;). Gonna do a drawing of a different character every day for the next 10 days! (The theme was inspired by ctchrysler who drew Korra like this once too haha)