znt happy ending where shibazaki adopted them and now nine and twelve have a Phineas and Ferb type thing going

they keep doing all this weird but undoubtedly extraordinary shit that shouldn’t even be possible and Lisa is the only one who has any even remotely realistic reaction to it

Shibazaki notices but he usually either ignores it or treats it as 100% normal/only mildly impressive

*they somehow make him a coffee maker that’s more durable and more efficient than anything on the market*

Shibazaki: “Thanks, boys.”

Lisa: “Uhm… Shibazaki-san, you do realize that it’s powered by cold fusion, right?”

Shibazaki: “And? It’s a very nice coffee maker.”

Lisa: “…Nevermind.”


The tip of my finger touches you
And I know I’m not alone
With the single bent wing we were given.

Trigger by Yuuki Ozaki