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Bethany Young was 17 and she escaped Radley Labor day weekend in 2009 when Alison disappeared. We are told that this was September 1st (even though this annoys me because it doesn’t match the true date of Labor day weekend in 2009 but I will try to stop getting fixated on that because it’s probably a continuity error)

Toby has a tattoo that commemorates this day:


This was apparently to remember the day he was free from Jenna. But that has never sat well with me. Toby has lied by omission plenty of times. For example: he never told Spencer he had history with Ali, or that she visited him in Juvie. So I am now thinking there is more to that tattoo.

What if Toby was in love with Bethany Young. He may have fallen in love with her when he visited his mum at Radley.

I can take this theory further…. What if Jessica Dilaurentis pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the roof at Radley and Bethany Young witnessed it. Maybe Bethany was going to seek revenge on Jessica for Toby. Or maybe go and blackmail her for money to run away. That would explain why Jessica was so worried that night, because she thought Bethany was coming for her. That could also explain why Toby was in Alison’s backyard that night he was going to meet Bethany, he then happened to bump into Ali and thank her for getting him away from Jenna and gave her his coat because she was cold.

I can get outlandish and go further….

What if Bethany really was a nut job and saw Ali wearing Toby’s sweater and got jealous and decided to hit her with that rock. Then she blackmailed Jessica into burying Alison.

I just can’t figure out how she ended up dead yet.

It’s crazy but anything is possible right??

EDIT: HIS TATTOO COMMEMORATES THE DAY BETHANY ESCAPED…. FREE AT LAST. He might not realize that she died before she got to flee.
Drawing Theory

Guess who else draws demons? TOBY. Take a look back at season 1 episode 5. (Reality Bites Me) 


Maybe Toby made that for Bethany, while he was visiting his mother in Radley. Maybe they shared a mutual hate for the Dilaurentis family.

Just a thought. (:

-Kisses, C

Send me your thoughts, theories?

Theory: Spencer says the girl falling in the bottom picture is Marion Cavanaugh (Toby’s mother). The picture before, it looks like the same girl with same dress running after a monster carrying a boy. I think the girl running is Marion, the boy is Toby and the devil is Radley/Mrs Dilaurentis not allowing them to see her son.



I think Marion blamed Mrs D for not allowing her to see Toby. (Maybe Mrs D was convinced that Marion was getting sicker? Or not allowing her to see her family as a punishment) In S04E04, Toby talks to Marion’s old doctor. He said “She hated being away from you, but there were forces that were just too much for her”

Bethany must have been friends with Marion and was drawing about her friend’s life. When she witnessed the injustice of how they treated Marion, followed by her “accidental” death that they covered up, she wanted to take revenge for her. Maybe Bethany secretly witnessed Mrs D push Marion. So then Bethany started calling her a liar because Mrs D just covered up Marion’s death by saying it was a suicide, which enraged Bethany. Mrs. D brushed it off as “just a mental patient acting crazy.”  I think Mrs D knew Bethany’s true hate for her because she got a call, possibly from Radley the night Ali was hit, saying that a patient that hated her broke out. 

When Mrs. D witnessed Ali get hit by Bethany, she knew she couldn’t call the police. For the longest time, I thought she was protecting the person that hit Ali, but in this instance, I think she was protecting herself! She knew if she told police that a patient at Radley killed her daughter, they would dig deeper into why Bethany would target Mrs D. They would then find out that she had a hand in Marion’s death. 

So in conclusion, Marion was denied her son. Mrs D pushed Marion to her death. Bethany, being a great best friend to Marion, held a grudge against Mrs. Dilaurentis. She decided to kill Mrs D’s daughter. Essentially taking her child away from her like she did to Marion.