B.I.N. — Reasons To Believe In Nothing
Character #02: Simon T. Hawm

Simon T. Hawm (Cast: we hope Ryan T. Gosling) is the founder of SPINTROTTER Communication Engineering. He died the 19th of February 2014 at the early age of 28 crashing a tree near the city of his birth, Warendorf (NRW / Germany). The former Chief Advisory Officer (CAO), his twin Toby S. Hawm, changed his name and took his role as being our iChief SY (Cast: Toby M. Winkler).

More characters up in the air!
Emotionally yours, SY

New SPINTROTTERS ready for take-off

SPINTROTTER Communication Engineering proudly presents two new employees on its iBoard: Andrew H. Ledger (28) will be the new Chief Advisory Officer (CAO) - Rodney N. Drake (26) the new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Andrew will replace Toby S. Hawm, who will take the name of our dead CEO and his twin Simon T. Hawm. In loving memory to SY he’s decided to combine their names: Simon Toby Paul Walter Henry Alf Winkler Meyer IV. and Toby Simon Ludwig Dan Henry Alf Winkler Meyer IV. will be merged to Simon Toby Paul Ludwig Walter Dan Henry Alf Winkler Meyer I. - for short as you know it: Simon T. Hawm or just SY!

"Andrew’s special talent is to study and clear social and mind systems without hunting or hurting anyone - just by listening to his heart", SY says. "I’ve searched a long time to find someone I can trust the way I trust my old twin. Andrew will strengthen our SPINTROTTER Consulting Department in that way SY and me were dreaming of - to bring it to a higher level every single second day for night!"

Rodney, a passionated musician and propaganda man, will replace our old CMO Marja L. Hawm. After her husband’s dead she’s decided to take a timeout. Marja: “Together with SY I’ve cut myself into pieces to create two of the most visionary iDevices that are inspiring these days in a way we’ve never thought of when we’ve started this project - although they’ve not been brought to our iMarkets yet!”, she says. “The SPINTROTTER iSpyderZ9 and iSpyderQ1 will rule the iWorld anyway. But for me it’s time for a brand new start in another business.”


Open letter to a friend: R.I.P. SY (28)
Simon T. Hawm
* 21st of August 1985
+ 19th of February 2014

My twin and our SPINTROTTER iChief SY (Simon Toby Paul Walter Henry Alf Winkler Meyer IV. - for short: Simon T. Hawm) has died this morning crashing a tree near the city of our birth Warendorf (NRW / Germany).

The police and our connected secret services say: long planned self-murder. I think: He just couldn’t stand the pressure, that’s brought to our iRadioheads in never ending circles, in one short crucial second of his joyride across our old homeland.

Of course it’s not all our ways about pressure in a mad way - but in a way of too much hope and even too much greed for information, quotes, ratifications, money or oil, that our fans, clients, listeners, readers, but also a lot of enemies and observers bring to our iHearts and iMinds by so many different frequency channels. We’ve talked to each other a lot the last days through - and I’m sure he has never been a self-murderer! Therefore he had just too many visionary inspirations - and too much power and courage to change the world to be a better place to be for all of our iFolks and new generation iSlaves!

But of course I know the same way as him, how it can hurt to feel like standing still every single day of your life - having the best ideas but nearly no one, who’s believing in and talking about that strongly and passionately enough to make them real!

He’s wanted me to become his Chief Advisory Officer (CAO) only a few months ago to realize his revolutionary and visionary ideas walking side by side with him - from the several MEDIOPOLITAN iStages for a brand new collective system of Media, Arts, Sports, Education, Science and Spiritualism up to his pioneering ideas of our iSpyders.

I’m more than just sure, that our iMind Satellite Communication Devices, our pilot remote controls (the iSpyderZ9) and our first iWatches (the iSpyderQ1), would have saved not only his life! Of course only if all of our partner companies would be a little bit more open to realize them for us, the worldwide markets and the final launch of SY’s greatest idea of a worldwide MEDIOPOLITAN System, that could bring the Brave new iWorld and the progress of mankind to the highest state of art, you can imagine!

You have to know: No one of our SPINTROTTERS has ever held an iSpyder with all the possibilities - that we are programming every single day cutting ourselves into pieces and bleeding all of our iFolks out - as more as first prototypes already in his or her hands. Even we await such amazing iDevices in order to finally realize our worldwide open iStage, that our MEDIOPOLITAN concepts have made already ready for take-off.

Anyway, SY is dead now - and I still can’t believe that. Of course we know the meaning of immortality. Who else if not us can combine all the concepts of progressive science that way in order to create everlasting iLifes without any borders of bodily death. But it’s hard to go further on without him anyway!

Just a few weeks ago SY has ordered our new vCards - in a time before our little trip to Cambridge, that’s made our current SPINTROTTER iTeam that, what it is these days. Of course not only just because of I wasn’t working for SPINTROTTER that time and haven’t got a vCard yet, I’ve decided to change my name (Toby Simon Ludwig Dan Henry Alf Winkler Meyer IV. - for short: Toby S. Hawm) to Simon T. Hawm slipping into his shoes of being our SPINTROTTER CEO - in order to walk on with as for him making his revolutionary ideas rocking all over our iWorld!

Whether you’ve really killed yourself or not doesn’t matter for our iTeam and me anyway, SY! You will always be with us, in our iHearts and our iMinds - every single second and every from now on very lonesome day. I was and I will be very proud of you and all of that, what we’ve reached together, for the rest of my life, bro!

SY, emotionally yours for more than a lifetime! Be sure: We will take revenge for that, what the old world and our fucking old system of society have done to you. Believe in me and your iTeam, walk side by side with us - and trust us: We will bring your MEDIOPOLITAN iCulture to the whole wide iWorld! If she wants that or not doesn’t matter any more!

We both know, we never have wanted to be that, what we are! So fly and rise high with me as you’ve done it until now!
Your twin, TY

P.S. Although these days are not made for that, we have to search a new Chief Advisory Officer now. Please send your applications combined with a few ideas, how you think of making SPINTROTTER better every single second a day to: SY101@spintrotter.com.


The song, that inspired us to create our new enterprise SPINTROTTER Healthcare. Under the leadership of our Chief Hardware Officer Phil S. Greyhound it will be realized by two new iFolks on the SPINTROTTER Board, that TY and me have found in a pub of Cambridge yesterday: Valentino R. Deaky (53) and Lisa V. Maiquez (34). Valentino is a Public Relations specialist with Hungarian roots, who grew up in Buffalo / New York and studied in Austin / Texas. He’s an outlaw living as street musician in Cambridge right now - but we are sure, that he’s simply the best man to promote the philosophy of our new Healthcare iOffice for a wide range of iFolks rocking over the iWorld. Lisa works as pole-dancer in Dublin. We’ve met her on her short X-mas trip to Cambridge. She’s got an Argentinian father and a Bulgarian mother. She’s not a family member of the famous polo familiy Maiquez, who’s rocking the polo fields of our iWorld at least since the Olympic Games 1936 in Berlin. But of course alone her name will make our SPINTROTTER Healthcare famous in our iWorld - not to mention her excellent skills in making people happy just with a grace, that makes it very hard to find any peer. When we are back at our Mythbusters’ Over-Nite Sensational Loop A1, all of you will get to know our two fascinating new members. So long: Thank you all for all the fish for our daily pokes!


I never was afraid of dying. But all my ways I thought about how to pay the graveyard for my father, who’s died two months ago. I put him in the freezer - cause I just haven’t know where to get the money. Now I talk a few minutes with one of your mystic SPINTROTTERS - now I just don’t know, why I haven’t got this idea before: I just take him to an old friend of mine having a ranch a few meters ago - and burn him down. Then we smoke two packages of cigarettes together, put all the ash to your empty TicTac Liberty box - and then I can spend him the requiem he’s ever dreamt of! We will set a Canada Flag here by the river - and set him free to the sea! Or something like that! But you’ve reduced my graveyard costs to a minimum. Just two packages of cigarettes - and the best: My dad will have even two transporters who will make his soul immortal for more than a lifetime - just going further on for him side by side!
—  So many gorgeous Ideas here in Cambridge! A small talk with a dude called Bill down there by the riversides - and one of our best ideas (44 / Mechanic) #immortality

Gorgeous weekend in Baltimore visiting my twin TY for a great motorcycling tour. Was a great pleasure to meet a few guys working with us for our MEDIOPOLITAN Project. Seems that I’ve made him the new CEO of MEDIOPOLITAN. Our senior partners have already given him the surcharge. The senior board isn’t safe at the moment. But it seems that Keith B. Alexander (NSA), Jony P. Ive, Tim D. Cook, Phil W. Schiller (Apple), Bill H. Gates (Microsoft), Matt A. Groening (Simpsons) and Alfred J. Amoroso (Yahoo) will do the job. Thanks to all the lords of our boards! Emotionally yours, SY