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Name: Samantha

Nicknames: My friends call me Mini-Sam

Birthday: 12th of March

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Asexual

Height: 4’11”

Favorite colour: Blues and greens

Lucky number: 8

Last thing I googled: Ross’ twitter looking for a certain picture

First word that comes to my mind: ink

One place that makes me happy: The internet

How many blankets I sleep under: Four blankets and one sheet

Favorite fictional characters: Sherlock Holmes, Alistair, Xena, Toboe, Kenshin, Spike 

Favorite beverage: Bubble Tea

Favorite food: Pizza

Last movie I saw in a cinema: The Woman in Black (I don’t go see movies very often)

Dream Holiday: Europe!

Dream Wedding: Don’t really want to get married. Don’t really see the point in it. 

Dream job: Editing videos for a YouTuber! 

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