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"I don’t suppose he waited to be sent for, but after finding how dangerous the situation was, he probably called his men together and began playing. I know that he [bandmaster Wallace Hartley] often said that music was a bigger weapon for stopping disorder than anything on earth. He knew the value of the weapon he had, and I think he proved his point."


1997: The Year of Star-Crossed Lovers

Two of the most famous, modern-day examples of star-crossed lovers came to us in the year 1997: Jack and Rose from the 1997 mega-hit Titanic & Cloud and Aerith from the 1997 mega-hit Final Fantasy VII. And yes, I’m citing Wikipedia. However, I actually got to thinking. These star-crossed lovers had more than the year 1997 in common — many of the scenes were similar, too:



Rose catches Jack’s eye, and his buddies mock him for thinking he has a chance with her. Cloud buys a flower from a mysterious Flower Girl in the slums, and recalls later in Final Fantasy VII Dismantled that her eyes were "impressive" and that her smile was a "good purchase."



Destiny brings these star-crossed lovers together again. Cloud falls to Aerith’s Church, while Jack finds Rose at the stern of the Titanic. 


Jack convinces Rose to trust him and she agrees to go back aboard the ship, while Aerith trusts Cloud to protect her from The Turks. Cloud becomes Aerith’s bodyguard, much as Jack is to Rose throughout Titanic.

This is the typical beginning of a love story: love at first sight, and the hero protecting his heroine through a series of miraculous events only explained by fate. 


Jack and Rose start developing a world together, much as Cloud and Aerith do in Final Fantasy VII.



Jack kisses Rose’s hand before first-class dinner, while Cloud kisses Aerith’s hand during a play while on their canon date at Gold Saucer.


The act of holding hands between love interests is intrinsically romantic.


Both Jack and Aerith were taken from us too soon, which is the curse of star-crossed lovers.


Both couples reunite in life after death. Rose returns to Titanic to meet Jack, while Cloud will one-day return to Aerith in the lifestream — his Promised Land.

"Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime."


I see the Light (Tangled OST, French Version) - Multifanfom

Cloud Atlas, Titanic, Lion King 1-2, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Sound of Music, The Beauty and the Beast, Brokeback Mountain, Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Peter Pan (2003), Love Actually.


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