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Quick Tip of the Day

Quick and Easy Homemade Air Freshener

What you’ll needs:
Canning jar
baking soda
essential oil of your choice (I use lavender)

Start by putting holes in the lid of canning jar (I used a hammer and nail)

Fill the jar about ¼ of the way full with baking soda
Add 6 to 8 drops of essential oils

Voila you’re done!!

Every once in awhile give the jar a little shake to boosts its air freshening power!!

Today’s creative tip of the day is about sharing your ideas, especially when it feels uncomfortable.

Author and designer Frank Chimero once wrote: “If ideas go anywhere it’s because other people carry them.”

Your ideas can’t travel and evolve unless they’re shared. Whether that’s through talking with a friend, drawing a simple sketch, or presenting a rough version of the idea.

It feels safe to keep ideas wrapped up or hidden, so nobody steals our good ones or laughs at our bad ones. But in reality we don’t know which of our ideas are really good and which are bad. We need to help the ideas evolve, expand, and move by getting them out into the world.

Today, share one idea you’ve been holding back on and see what happens as a result.

Tip of the Day! (#20)

A quick money saving tip.

Mac eyeshadows are amazing quality. The price isn’t too too bad, but it still is pretty high for one eyeshadow.

The eyeshadows can either come in a little case, or you can purchase it just in the pan.
w/ case - 15$
w/o case - 12$

Elf cosmetics sells empty palettes holding four eyeshadows for one dollar. Mac eyeshadows fit right in! Save yourself some money by purchasing the Mac shadows without the casing, followed by purchasing an Elf Cosmetic palette.

It’s like buy five eyeshadows, get one free!

Tip of the Day

If you are not into writing letters all the time but into exchanging ideas and thoughts try exchanging composition books.

Get an empty notebook and fill it up with your heart and desires and send it to a friend/pen pal. Have them send their composition note book. It’s almost like exchanging diaries. 

Sometimes you can’t contact a pen pal right away and tell them what happened but by sending a composition book, a diary entry or just scribbled thoughts you’ll get a little closer to your pen pal.

That’s my Tip of the Day :-)

To keep a relationship healthy and strong, I personally believe that no matter how long you’ve been with your partner, you should always try to look back and realize how you treated her when you were in the beginning of your relationship.

During those “kilig-like-highschool days” moments when you used to treat her extraordinarily special. When you used to show-off just to get her attention, spent a lot of time and effort just to be with her, did silly things, said corny jokes, and uttered those cheesy pick-up lines just to make her laugh. When you used to stare at her, watch her sleep, tell her how beautiful she is, and whisper in her ear the words “I love you”. When you prepared huge and/or tiny surprises for her, gave your all, did your best just to hear her say “YES” when you courted her or proposed to her. When you vowed to unconditionally and faithfully love her until your last breath.

These are only some of the million ways I do to keep our relationship and blissful marriage alive and even much stronger. Just give your partner the time, importance, and the love that she mostly need; It’ll will surely keep the fire burning!

Most importantly, never ever forget to always pray to our good Lord for his blessings are countless and limitless.

—  Clark Atanacio
Snail Mail Tip

Hello so you decided you want a pen pal and you found the perfect one now it’s time to write the first letter. Here are some quick tips on how to make your snail mail the best snail mail possible.

  1. After exchanging addresses, I like to create a document and write the person’s name and address and tumblr url so if anything is to happen I can contact them.

  2. After that choose your stationary, writing utensils, envelopes and stamps. 

    Remember stationary is optional writing it on ruled paper is just as good as spending money to buy stationary. So are envelopes. You can do a lot with just a plain white envelope and markers. If you are writing in the US it’s one forever stamp and if you are sending it across seas it’s suggested to use an international stamp.

  3. Start writing your letter with a greeting and introducing yourself. 

    If the person you are writing to is someone you met through your ad you might not have to go into detail as much you might just focus on what you think is really important. If the person is someone you didn’t meet through your ad you might have to go into your likes and dislikes.

  4. After your introduction you should ask the person about themselves, even if you already know their likes and dislikes. Being friend through snail mail is not one sided you got to ask about people’s lives, there hobbies, what life is like.

  5. After that you should probably ask them five to ten questions, if you would like to know more about them. I like to ask basics like when is your birthday, do you like animals, what’s your favorite color. Things they might not mention offhandedly in a casual conversation.

  6. This is the part that is personalized, after the questions I like to tell my pen pals that I hope this letter reaches them and that are okay. I also like to thank them for choosing me to be their pen pal or vice versa. 

  7. Finally you end your letter with a closing statement (thank you, sincerely, good luck, lots of love) sign or write your name.

  8. BONUS I suggest after this you write your address just in case the address on the outside gets smudged. You could also write a PS, seal it with a kiss, include a photo. Make it your letter.

  9. When all is said and done you fold your letter, put it in the envelope. Seal it. I like to use stickers. On the back I even make it customized by adding a quote. Each batch of letters get certain quotes, over time each person gets certain quotes such as inspiration when they need it or beautiful quotes to make them feel beautiful.

  10. Last but not least you address the letters and put the stamp on it and you just sent your first piece of snail mail. God luck and hopefully you’ll write many more.

In the comment section write what tips you would like next.

Remember to keep on writing, stay beautiful and be safe.

Good Luck.

Tip of the day:

When you’re doing an eye makeup look, always leave yourself a clean eyeshadow brush to blend with. Blending using the same eyeshadow brush you used to apply the eyeshadow can make it harder to blend cleanly and evenly. You could also risk having too much product on the brush and ruining your work, leaving you with messy, harsh lines.

The “Harry Potter” series of books, written by J.K. Rowling, and the movies that followed are a worldwide phenomenon. In the second edition, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” Ron Weasley receives a magical letter from his mother known as a howler after using his father’s magical flying car to get to school with Harry….

Tip of the Day: Try recreating a Howler found in Harry Potter. If your pen pal is a fan of the series they can appreciative your crafty thoughtfulness. 

That’s my Tip of the Day. 

Is there anything you would want to recreate from your favorite series?

Tip of the day:

You can get more out of your eyelash curler if you warm it up a little with your blow dryer first. On the highest eat and lowest power, keep the blow dryer running on your lash curler for about 15 seconds right before using it. It’s similar to the way you would use heat to curl the hair on your head. By adding heat you can hold your curl longer and better.


Tip of the Day 

Hello everybody I know stamps, lots of them, what makes them Tip of the Day worthy? Well good question! Supporting your local post office by buying stamps and making your letters more personal. You can make a theme of your letters like a spring theme with a floral envelope and bunny stationary and include pressed flowers. So yes stamps make the letter, can make a theme, their direction can send a message and they are cool for collecting. So buy some stamps and support your local post office.

That’s my Tip of the Day :-)

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