We lived in an electric world. We relied on it for everything. And then the power went out. Everything stopped working. We weren’t prepared. Fear and confusion lead to panic. The lucky ones made it out of the cities. The government collapsed. Militias took over, controlling the food supply and stockpiling weapons. We still don’t know why the power went out, but we’re hopeful that someone will come and light the way.


RACHEL: I went into town for supplies. Ben, the… the smell. They’re not even burning the bodies anymore. They’re just leaving them in the street. This little boy, all by himself, skin and bones…He ran off before I could grab him. He wasn’t any older than Charlie.We… we did this.

The mother of the kid in the picture wrote this about Liz:

This is when my daughter worked as a double for young Charlie in the first two episodes! We LOVE Elizabeth. Nicest actress we have EVER worked with!!! <3 We LOVED working with her, yes she was amazing…a beautiful personality to match her outer beauty! :-)

Thanks Lexy for the head-up <3