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Tim asks "Daddy" to pass the salt and both Bruce,and Kon go to pass it.

Kon better run. And run far away.

I see it’s a family dinner and Tim was talking to his father and he asks for the salt and everything’s cool and calm until Bruce touches the salt shaker along with Kon’s fingers. He stops chewing and Kon’s blood runs cold.

They don’t move till Bruce swallows and Kon moves his hand back. There is tension and everyone can feel it. So Bruce gives Tim the salt, and goes back to eating. Everyone is confused on what’s happening, Clark is really worried.

Then Bruce launches himself across the table, pins Kon down, and yells at him for answers.

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The Teen Titans are still figuring out how to work together.  So far, that seems to consist of miscellaneous team members carrying Tim around by his hands (seriously, look how many times it happens in this one issue).  Also, even though this team was supposedly formed under Cyborg’s leadership, and even though Cassie was the one voted leader of Young Justice, Tim is the one who seems to take point and give the orders.

Also, because this whole situation will be coming to a head very soon—note that Tim is still stressing out over his dad not knowing.  Also note that when Raven’s influence starts making all the teens recall their parents, Tim thinks of both Jack and Batman.

Teen Titans 10

I’m not completely sure why but I like to imagine Bruce and Jack having this kind of Dad rivalry going on

and one day they (somehow) go to an amusement park, Jack with Tim and Bruce with Cass and Jack and Bruce are trying to out Dad each other the whole time and be the better Dad and Cass and Tim are totally milking it 

[Author’s Choice: I Love The Way You Lie Pt. II' - Rihanna ft. Eninem]

“What the fuck is your problem?!” Jason screamed, throwing his helmet with enough force that it made Tim’s hands sting when he caught it. Tim tossed it onto the couch as he stood to face his lover.

“I’m not going to standby and let you kill people, especially not innocent people.”

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Teen Titans #7 Review

When we were last fighting crime in New York with the Teen Titans, (You have your reality and I have mine) they picked up a new member in the form of Tanya Spears the new Power Girl and it didn’t go as well as getting a new teammate should have.  First off Tanya criticized how the team operates and how they like to take some time after stopping evil to congratulate themselves on a job well done……… While I might agree with Tanya, that isn’t the thing you want to hear from a new girl that you want on the team.  The issue had an explosive ending though when the new STAR Labs facility on Governors Island actually exploded in a mushroom cloud from a group of terrorists who needed to blast to the secret lower level of the facility to gain access to some of the most dangerous weapons in the world.  Now it’s up to the Teen Titans to stop them and hopefully Power Girl will get off their cases.  Let’s check it out.

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Reverse Robin au: Bruce and Tim after the Lazarus pit and Tim has killed a few dozen people

Other Robin Reversal AU stories

Title: Unseen Stars
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake
A/N: Your specifications are implied. This is incredibly short. Again, more a scene or moment than a story. Supplemental listening would be Woodkid’s album ‘The Golden Age.’


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