Understanding lyrics: Grand Scheme by Tigress Zoo

Tigress offers an amount of biblical metaphors in her lyrics. If knowledgable you may catch them off the back. If not, well here is a break down.

2nd verse (first 4 bars)
“Ever since the time/ young zoo was scripting rhymes/ it was like I was writing for the future, leap in time/ thru the dirt and the glass, wonder how to sharpen lines/ I could never forget/ the stories kept in my chest/

*Tigress speaks as a prophet’s soul of ancient times and witnessing the changing of generations. Though sure of origin’s traveled, most of the past is in bits of pieces.

2nd verse continued

Gotta lot to fill these pages for a couple lives, and next when I’m gone/ heaven praising my psalms/ hallelu- the fam/ see me on the east of Eden, I’m coasting river dam/ Hudson, I-95/ on that fdr stunting.

***The Tigris appears twice in the Bible. In the Book of Genesis, where it is the third of the four rivers branching off the river issuing out of the Garden of Eden.[6] Daniel received one of his visions “when I was by that great river the Tigris”.[9]

You can listen to Grand Scheme on tigresszoo.bandcamp.com along with 4 other lyrically infused tracks. I am thankful to share my gifts with the universe. Creating magic, - The great Tigress Zoo

Pin Ups are sexy, bad, and outspoken! Thriving off tough love and random bodega trips to make 50 cent sodas look like bliss. We talk with an attitude that never hurts a soul because we speak from the heart and nothing more. Sticking our tongues out at a job well done, I wanna run up wall and let the world now I’m the one. We are never scared and fear no human. The unknown is a place of peace.  Cracking jokes with our boyfriend and keeping up with our guy friends and if when we are single we make room for our girlfriends. We walk with a sound track playing to the clicks of our heels and the sway in our hips. Wearing sun dresses with army boots and skirts with sneakers, we want the music loud and breaking glass through the speakers. Like the bass is our heart beat and your smiles are our air. We don’t represent an nation though, we represent those who stay true to themselves. 

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Reasons why I am Obviously Young And Brilliant 

Tigress Zoo Creator of Pin Ups And Kicks(P.U.N.Ks) is a multifaceted artist representing Brooklyn and The Bronx. Starting on stage from Live From The Edge Theatre at The Point at age 12 and never stop exploring the arts. Graduating From Touro College in 2009 for Audio Engineering and Digital media. Currently she is an active intern of UNIVERSES Theatre Company and perfecting her brand. Tigress Zoo lives in Brooklyn and spends time writing and creating.