Biggest Flirt: Diplo

Diplo is no stranger to the ladies, he has cultivated a following unlike anyone else with his booty-dropping anthems like “Express Yourself”.

Class President: Kaskade

Kaskade is undoubtedly the heart and soul of Electronic Dance Music.

Class Clown: Dillon Francis

From his crazy and hilarious Instagram videos to his uncanny humor on stage, Dillon Francis is by far the funniest person in the industry.

Most Creative: Skrillex

Skrillex has been creating music ever since he was a young teenager. He single handedly pushed dubstep into the mainstream as he continues to create music unlike anyone else.

Best Dressed: Daft Punk

From their stylish iconic helmets to their slick suits, Daft Punk has earned their status of “Best Dressed”.

Best Hair: Nervo

The balance between Crazy and Smooth earn the Aussie Sister Best Hair.

Homecoming King: Tiesto 

Tiesto has been ruling the Electronic Dance World for over a Decade with hit after hit earning his Homecoming King.

Most Successful Freshmen: Martin Garrix

At the young age of 18, Martin Garrix has become one of the biggest names in all of Electronic Dance Music with hits like “Animals” and “Virus”.

        Interview from the Internet community 365EDM!

365EDM: Hi! What are you doing at the moment? Are you working on any releases?

Kevin Alison: Hello everyone! Most recently held the festival “Hard Music Festival Holidays” where I was one of the main headliners! It was very cool, thank you all. Now started work on his new track. After performing at the festival I got a lot of inspiration and desire to create something new.

365EDM:  What do you like speeches?

Kevin Alison: Instant reaction of the crowd and shocking! The more I do it through my music and through music friends and enjoy it.

365EDM:  At what age did you started your career?

Kevin Alison: Not yet started, since I was still not signed a contract with the label and so I still cannot consider myself already professioally DJ and producer.

365EDM:  As you begin to create your music?

Kevin Alison: I had and now have a few idols in the music world, such as: Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Yellow Claw and a little more. I listened to their sound and decided to make something of your own. On my old PC and the keyboard trying to write a track in FL Studio. My first tracks were not very beautiful, but they were. Then when I’ve bought myself a little right equipment tightly and began to study music.

365EDM:  Have you changed your perspective on music? And what music did you write before?

Kevin Alison: Changed, wrote completely different music and even hip-hop beats, but I realized that it was not mine, and went fully into the world of EDM. Now I don’t have any particular style in my music. I tried to connect a lot and come to in his own good sound. So far I’m experimenting and trying something new!

365EDM:  Generally have the opportunity to develop electronic music without social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud?

Kevin Alison: No, because everything is interconnected! And those people who can not see me alive and my life, follow me in social networks.
Through social networking I communicate with my listeners and fans.

365EDM:  What do you write your music and what is your favorite plugin?

Kevin Alison: My mini Studio is my MacBook Pro, and favorite this plugin Sylenth1. You can do lots of cool things.

365EDM:  Are you a dreamer? What is your main dream?

Kevin Alison: Most of all, I want to sign a contract with the label Revealed Recordings and perform at Ultra Music Festival!

365EDM: Thanks for the replies! And now some advice from you young DJs and producers.

Kevin Alison: It was nice to talk with your community! Guys, do your own and share on SoundCloud and you will definitely notice!