Start Today: Star Wars

by Jacob Tender

What is this?

Star Wars is a beloved (and presently ongoing) space opera that features charismatic aliens, power-wielding samurai, an evil galactic empire, and an all encompassing energy called “The Force” that ties it all together. In summation, it’s a story about the balance between good and evil. The series has become a vital and unavoidable part of popular culture. The creator of the series, George Lucas, sold the franchise to Disney, which has, thus far, proved to be the best thing to happen to the series since the original saga aired. Spinoffs such as The Clone Wars television series, comic books, and novels make up the universe’s canon (officially recognized as genuine and entries in the overarching story).

Where to start?

If you didn’t grow up watching Star Wars as a child, you’re at a disadvantage. That’s not to say that you won’t enjoy the films without a built-in nostalgia, but you’re more likely to look at the film for its filmmaking merits and story, which is fine. The Star Wars story has it all. It is more important that you stay open-minded. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is widely considered the best of the original saga, but I still suggest starting off with the movie that started it all, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977). This movie introduces you to the themes and character of the Star Wars universe better than anything else.

If you’re tech savvy, I suggest you track down the original versions of the film. The older, the better. George Lucas made a number of changes to the home releases throughout the years that add nothing, are pretty distracting, and tarnish the feeling of the original releases. I prefer watching Harmy’s Despecialized Editions. These are extraordinary fan edits that piece together original release with the highest resolution possible. The result is an unaltered Star Wars with Blu-Ray quality visuals.

Digging deeper:
You should be able to decide for yourself whether or not to continue your descent into George Lucas’ universe after watching Star Wars. As previously mentioned, The Empire Strikes Back stands as one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time and is highly recommended. Beyond that, Episode VI: Return of The Jedi ends the initial trilogy and the story continues with two television series and a prequel trilogy.

This is a timeline of the films, movies, and spinoffs recommended for a Padawan learner.

  • Star Wars (Aka Episode IV: A New Hope): Enter Luke Skywalker, our hero. Follow him and his friends on an adventure to rescue Princess Leia Organa and save the galaxy from the evil Galactic Empire and its spokesperson, Darth Vader. Han Solo, a scruffy looking smuggler co-pilots The Millennium Falcon for Jedi-in-hiding Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke, and his two droids (C-3PO and R2-D2) with help of lovable Wookie warrior Chewbacca.
  • Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back: Luke, Leia, and Han learn more about their enemy while in hiding following their first victory against the Empire. Luke begins his Jedi training with Master Yoda and confronts his deepest fears and sworn enemy, Darth Vader.
  • Episode VI: Return of The Jedi: Our heroes rescue Han from gangsterous space slug Jabba The Hutt, the rebellion goes all-in on a risky mission, and Luke faces Vader one final time.
  • Episodes I-III (The Prequels): Considered by most fans of the series as “a piece of junk,” the prequels still provide us with some backstory on our favorite baddie. Darth Vader’s origins are played out through convoluted story, bad acting, and uninteresting subplots.
  • The Clone Wars (Television Series): One of history’s best animated series and a must-watch for any fan of Star Wars. Follow Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and more through the best stories we’ll likely ever get out of the Clone Wars period. This show pushed the boundaries of children’s programming with mature ideas and conflicts. The subtext is more suitable for an adult to understand, which makes it enjoyable for all ages. Character building was the highlight, building personality into the prequels enemies, Jedi, and the clones themselves.
  • Rebels (Television Series): Disney’s spiritual follow-up to The Clone Wars. This takes place before the events of Star Wars and follows Ezra Bridger, a Padawan learner traveling with a crew of rebels and last remaining Jedi Padawan Kanan Jarrus.
  • The Star Wars Holiday Special: You can only love something when you’ve seen it at its worst. The worst is what you get with this travesty.
  • Video Games: The Star Wars series has had number of great video games over the years. X-Wing and TIE Fighter were easy favorites. The Rogue Squadron series puts you back behind the controls of Star Wars’ most recognizable ships, while the Jedi Knight games gives you a stronger hold on the ground with a lightsaber in your hand. Lego has done very well with the series, but the top three are certainly the Battlefront games (a current gen successor is coming) and Knights of the Old Republic, an RPG unlike any other.
  • Episode VII: The Force Awakens and spinoff films: The series continues with J.J. Abrams upcoming installment The Force Awakens (December 2015). Our favorites from the original trilogy will reprise their roles and hand the laser-sword-like torch over to a new generation of main characters. Several spin-offs from the Franchise are in development as well. Rogue One will focus on the team that stole the plans for the Death Star that made the events of the first movie possible. Two more are currently planned for the Star Wars Anthology Series.

Jacob Tender is the in-house publicist for Other People Records and freelance writer. You can read more of his writing on Star Wars, music, and technology at Curbside.Audio. Follow him on Twitter.

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  • Kane:one hand tied behind your back or maybe both ankles tied together or maybe you can be tied to the ring post
  • Seth:woah this isn't fifty shades of grey

Oikawa calling Hinata “shorty” and Hinata was like so done and went up to Oikawa who hadn’t noticed him yet and tied his shoelaces together before walking away as if nothing happened. Oikawa had yet to realise and as he took a step forward and started to fall, he realised, he fucked up.
The rest of Aobajousai team members lost it, Makki got everything on camera, Matsukawa laughing his butt off, Kindaichi as always fearing for his senpai’s life and the rest are just too used to it and not caring or too tired to care.

forsakenasylum asked:

Do you have a favorite SH album? If so, which one? '3' (if you want you may not include Nein, since it's too recent and we're all probably way too hyper about it XD)

OH BOY thank you for doing the thing friend THANK YOU!!

To be honest, this really does depend on the mood I am in. Recently Elysion and Roman have been my favorites, they capture everything I love about Sound Horizon and are truly wonderful. But this really changed with my mood, there were times Lost and Chronicle 2nd were my favorites, as well as Thanatos and Moira and Marchen…BASICALLY all of them hahah. Elysion and Roman were at the top though.

Now, maybe it is a bit early to rank Nein because of Nein hype, but honestly…I think this is going to be my favorite Horizon from what we have so far. It ties all the Horizons together, the music is super great, and it’s just so interesting to me personally! Nein takes the cake! Thanks for asking!

do you know what this means though ?? listen. listen

dave spends three years examining the ways he’s internalized homophobia and toxic masculinity and explicitly ties those things together and connects them to his fucked up ideas about heroism and how it was keeping him from realizing he was attracted to guys

and bro was a huge factor in that, bro encouraged this exact bullshit by being dave’s primary example of heroism and masculinity and also actively forcing a hypermasculine + hypercompetent persona on him and making him feel inadequate and it fucked him up so bad

this is not to discount societal influence of course but listen. bro, however unintentionally, was instrumental in dave repressing his sexuality. and dave knows it.

and what this means is there’s no way. after that monologue. there is no way dave knew bro was gay.


he might have suspected but he would have dismissed it when he was younger, and he might have figured it out on the meteor but christ can you imagine if he didn’t?? he’s gonna talk to roxy and she’s gonna casually mention dirk is gay and dave is going to fucking explode

he spent the better part of 13 years fucked up by this and then 3 years working through it and he knows bro is partially to blame for that and bro was gay this WHOLE GODDAMN TIME AND IT’S SO OBVIOUS NOW AND HE’S GOING TO BE SO ANGRY HE NEVER KNEW

1989 Tour Confirmed Setlist

Main Stage

Welcome To New York


Out Of The Woods

Sparks Fly

All You Had To Do Was Stay


Shake It Off

I Wish You Would

Wildest Dreams

How You Get The Girl

This Love

I Know Places


State Of Grace


You are In Love

I Knew You Were Trouble (duet with Meredith

All Too Well

I Almost Do

Stay Stay Stay

Holy Ground

Sad Beautiful Tragic


Begin Again

The Last Time

Everything Has Changed 

The Moment I Knew

Girl At Home



Back To December

Speak Now

Never Grow Up




Last Kiss

Riptide (Feat. Vance Joy)

B Stage 



Hey Stephen

White Horse

You Belong With Me


Tell Me Why 

The Way I Loved You

Forever & Always

The Best Day 


Tim McGraw

Picture To Burn

Teardrops On My Guitar

A Place In This World

Cold As You

The Outside

Tied Together With A Smile

Stay Beautiful

Mary’s Song

Our Song

I’m Only Me When I’m With You 


A perfectly Good Heart

Should’ve Said No 

Main Stage Pt. 2

The Wire (Feat. HAIM)

Love Story


New Romantics

Dear John


Better Than Revenge

The Story Of Us

Come Back… Be Here

Bad Blood


Blank Space

All Unreleased Songs

The Christmas Album


Teardrops On My Guitar

All Too Well (10 minute version) 


Shake It Off 

Ending Songs

We’re All In This Together (feat. Vance Joy, HAIM, and Shawn Mendes) 

Long Live

Watch on cheeseandcrackwh0res.tumblr.com

DUNNESSS COol video 

Dunes – Tied Together

Dunes – “Handle”

“…Video and that was completely filmed on their iphone ,some rope, and features cameos from members of No Age, Vivian Girls, Abe Vigoda, High Places, Telepathe, Cold Showers, Nodzzz, Bleached, Pangea, Shannon and the Clams, and Devon Williams Band.”“

Ingrid met Emma because she wanted her to replace her lost sister

Lily met and befriended Emma because her parents’ actions tied them together

Neal met Emma because his father’s actions brought him to this realm, and their kid was how Emma would get to Storybrooke and break the Dark Curse

it was always fate, or part of someone’s plan

But you know who wasn’t part of any plan? Who came sweeping in out of left field and got caught up in something bigger than himself and CHOSE her despite all of the obstacles and challenges and heartbreak he had to face, who would fight fate itself in order to be with her?


Say Cheese!

Blackwall appears to be such a serious character, and yet that cheese shield perfectly contrast him! Can you tell we absolutely loved the cheese ring prop, and it looks so realistic! We might have tried to take a bite out of it ;)

In all seriousness look how great this cosplay is! The armour is perfect, the wig and facial hair are incredibly accurate and the way the jacket is sewn together ties the cosplays and makes it so realistic!

Credit for Blackwall goes to listlesswarrior, who did an outstanding job with this cosplay!

Ulnar veins on your skinny wrists under paper skin. Sleepies caught in the corners of your eyes. My shoes are tied together and I’m tripping every time I start walking towards you. You’ve haunted me like the friendly ghost who’s locked herself in the bathroom. I hear the water running to cover up your short breathes and quietly streaming tears. Pretending things are okay. Like we’re happy being lonely with strangers. I’ll take anything now. I’ll take second choices and silver medals. I’d even take the bronze. Just to be acknowledged. There’s springtime rain running down my jacket and in my eyes. But I’m grateful for it non the less.