I really do deserve more credit for not acting on my evil, twisted thoughts that run through my mind on a daily basis.
—  Vogue

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Hiii Cassie when i first read your url i thought it said loaded dildo for some weird twisted reason my nasty mind works but anywayysss i like you bc youre a lilo stan & a larrie too & even though we havent been mutuals for so long I appreciate you on my dash a lot! :)

Mutuals send me ‘hey’ and I’ll say nice things about you :)

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🔪 - dreameriings ( psychopathic time yes?? )

     Madness BEGOT madness and tainted the blood of the INNOCENT. The beast within the Octava would mock the shinigami as lunacy overtook their body and ruined their hands with his blood. There was no tears, no nor screams that left from his lips.

     NOTHINGNESS dripped from his lips as the HOLOGRAM would disappear and his own steps behind the shinigami would come with FORNICARAS in his grasp to TEAR into the flesh of the youth from behind.

     It would be HIS MADNESS that would overrun the shinigami’s twist in his chains.

     “You are pathetic.” A SHAME in his own twisted mind, for boredom overthrew the thoughts of keeping the youth alive and would dig Fornicaras further into the chest of the heathen before him. “Goodbye, shinigami-san.”

I wish I wasn’t drowning. I am so tired of being tired and wishing things would get better. Nothing in general is making me sad I am just sad even when my life is exceptional. I have the best life but I don’t have the best head. The thoughts in my mind are all twisted and corrupted. Feels like death has a hold of me.

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"yes they are, when did I say they weren't? You're saying they shouldn't bcit should go to upcoming acts instead,so why are you contradicting yourself man yall just love twisting people's words..."-a thought of different people replying ever crossed your mind before saying i'm "twisting" your words?anyways tho i didn't said they shouldn't get the promo slots, i said why would syco put money on someone who's already doing good when they could invest in another group & have two huge groups


you are the last thought on my mind before sleep

you are the first thought on my mind when i drink

your image twists my heart into a knot like a pair of tangled headphones

and only your smile can act as the fingers that gently unravel it

Day 27, Thought 2.

Meaning. Saying meaningful words that can twist a mind and punch the wind out of a soul. Saying words that can overwhelm you with light or plunge you into darkness. Pick and choose your words, because if you don’t do it right the words can warp your mind.