I always think the boy I’m talking to will be the one, that they’ll fall in love with me, like the one time I laughed with this boy at 4 am and he told me he liked my smile, or the time another held me and told me he felt like he knew me for years after only a week. I always find a way to grow to any boy who makes me feel special for even just a second. And the ones I think will fall in love with me, never do. They just hurt me. I always feel stupid afterwards too, because why would I ever think anyone would fall in love with me, let alone someone so complex and gracious like the boys I pick.
—  I don’t think anyone could fall in love with someone like me with complications, I myself do not understand.

"I think it’s the strangest thing when someone who used to mean the world to you can walk right by you without as much as a second glance," she said, as her hollow eyes focused on a point across the room.

"I think it just proves that a lot of the time, people only keep you around when you’re convenient to them."

"It’s awful, but you know what? It’s the damn truth."

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #31
Do you think anyone will ever find interest in trying to understand my complications that even I, myself am confused about? Because I am afraid everyone will turn the other way when they find out my mind is not smooth-sailing; there are in fact winds so strong, they’ll stir you lost and waves so high, they’ll take you under.
—  12:56am