In our interview this week with director Wes Anderson, he mentions his love for the Thorne Collection of miniatures at the Art Institute of Chicago. You can see some photos of the rooms here.

Anderson on using miniatures in his films:

First, I love miniatures. It’s just an old movie technique, an old-fashioned approach. … There’s a certain charm to miniatures to me, I just like them. But also, when you’re doing a miniature it means you can make the thing exactly the way you want. You have essentially no limitation. So we could put our hotel where we wanted it, we could make it look how we wanted it, and we could put things around it that we wanted…


Ms.James Ward Thorne


E-28: German Sitting Room of the “Biedermeier” Period, 1815-50, c. 1


Photographers Kael Alford & Thorne Anderson have their work exhibited at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. It’s unusual for the museum to have an exhibit of this nature so I was especially glad to see it.. They also gave a terrific presentation of their work at Photo Alliance. They’ve also done a book. It was wonderful seeing the exhibit the next day. Congratulations Kael and Thorne. I’ll be seeing them at the Foundry Photojournalism workshop in a couple of months.