The Berliner Talent Behind Fashion label ACHTLAND: Thomas Bentz & Oliver Lühr

Oliver Lühr und Thomas Bentz are two men who dress women with great success. In 2011 they founded the label ACHTLAND, accompanied by great media euphoria.

Both men are intrinsically different in their appearance and in their passions, but create in harmony. Their mission is to provide a colorful and detailed ode to the self-confident women of the world and has been very well received by the fashion world. An ideal situation for such a young label starting from the ground up.

We follow them to their Kreuzberg backyard studio and investigate their visionary works on Freunde von Freunden - for now only available in German - the English version of this interview will be published soon!

ACHTLAND is showing their AW14/15 collection next Thursday 14th of January at the Berlin fashion week, more info here.

Visit ELLE’s website here where you’ll find more detailed insights into the duo’s workplace and sources of inspiration for the upcoming collection of AW14/15

Thank you Celina Plag and Hayley Austin for this exclusive fashion insight!